Considering Buying Property in France in 2022? Our Experts Share Their Best Advice

Our forecast for the French property market in 2022 shows a fast-moving market, tightened mortgage lending conditions, and an increased desire for roomy, rural, and environmentally friendly dwellings. So, how can you improve your chances of discovering your dream property in France in the next year?


We asked our professional network for their top advice for purchasing in France in 2022, and here is what they replied.


“With the lifting of lockdowns and travel restrictions, the French property market rebounded well, following its long-term growth trajectory.” Stock is limited in France, and property is selling quickly, and I anticipate this voracious buyer hunger will continue beyond 2022. As demand for spacious, rural French houses continues to climb, my suggestion for 2022 is to be prepared, have your finances in order, and be ready to make an offer if you discover a property you like.”



“As always, do your homework and attempt to narrow down a location you prefer before travelling to France to examine properties.” You may think you’re being really accommodating by responding “anything south of Limoges,” but to an agent, that suggests you’re unsure about the location and unlikely to commit.


Create a solid connection with a few of agents (so you can be updated immediately about the greatest bargains) and be ready to act swiftly if you find something that fits all the boxes and is within your budget. Historically, purchasers did not need to move quickly – or did not feel compelled to do so – since there were so many houses on the market that they could gladly take 6-12 months and several trips to view scores of properties that suited their requirements. This is no longer the case, and purchasers are now under pressure to make a solid offer and get the paperwork started, or risk losing out in 2022.”


In current environment of uncertainty and probable volatility, it is more vital than ever to acquire some direction ahead of your payments since it may have a direct influence on the ultimate price of the property that you are acquiring. A foreign exchange specialist, such as moneycorp, will provide you with not just a competitive conversion rate, but also the tools to control your exposure to foreign exchange, regardless of your budget.



Open an account with Moneycorp today to be prepared. It’s quite simple and free of charge or commitment – you can sign up online or over the phone in a matter of minutes. Sign up with FrenchEntrée here and you’ll get no transfer fees on any payment!


“We’ve seen this year how rising energy costs are dramatically affecting the market, with more and more people appreciating the necessity of proper insulation, cheaper and more efficient energy, and conservation to decrease bills and save the environment.”



Our first advise for buying property is to always check planning restrictions before signing a purchase contract to avoid any subsequent complications when authorization for building works is necessary. Contact us to buy or sell property in France fast in 2022


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