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The Esales International property team have over 20 years of experience working to connect buyers and sellers from across the globe through our marketing. We have networked our listings with thousands of estate agents and platforms across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia, China and other parts of the globe. With our professional marketing approach and partnering with the world’s top agents and platforms the team has helped thousands of clients buy and sell overseas property online through international marketing. We can help with every aspect of marketing and our global partner estate agents and local notaries/lawyers can handle your inspection trips ( if needed ) and legal work ( if needed ) in whatever country you are buying or selling in.

Our head office is based in the city of London that never sleeps and just like this our team work around the clock to help our clients market to buyers and investors from China, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia the USA, Russia and beyond in the most professional fast and efficient manner possible.

We are partnered with many international award winning agents who have helped clients buy and sell overseas property online for over 2 decades and are knowledgeable in the overseas property market in every corner of the globe. This website is one of more than 500 platforms that properties are marketed on around the world. We market on hundreds of the worlds top platforms to give sellers the best chance of selling their overseas property. We are experts in SEO ( search engine optimization ) which means your property will appear for most of the important search terms around the world relating to your area . We are also Pay per Click experts as we have Google Partner status and so we advertise at the top of Google through our AdWords campaigns.

If you do not want to do the viewings yourself we can put you in touch with local partner agents in every country across the world that will handle the inspection trips on your property. If you need advice on price we can reach out to a local agent for a guide price on your property. They also keep us up to date with the latest property news within each country which is added to our blog. The network is a great resource for us and gives us a powerbase in the overseas property industry.

We specialise in the marketing purchase and sale of overseas properties, and with a network of thousands of global estate agents we are able to bring buyers and sellers together in record time. As one of the UK’s largest overseas property portals, our website is the perfect place to advertise overseas property for sale or to find real estate investment opportunities from across the globe. With office based in the UK we are primarily aimed at helping UK and Irish customers. Whether you are looking to liquidate your overseas property portfolio or make new investments in emerging markets we can help you to realise your goals. We market in over 70 languages to attract multi lingual buyers and investors.

Our in-depth knowledge of world property markets, together with our network of partner agents in countries all around the world, enables us to provide a highly professional service to clients who are looking to buy or sell overseas property online. Our large pool of British and Irish clients who are interested in buying and selling properties in overseas locations, together with the international clients from our global network of estate agents, enable us to match buyers and sellers together through online marketing.

Helping Buyers to Acquire Overseas Properties

If you are interested in acquiring property overseas, your can search within your price range or country location for potential investments that meet your specific requirements. New properties are added to our online listings on a daily basis so if you cannot find the perfect property today, we recommend you come back tomorrow and see what else we have to offer. In fact, the best thing to do is to bookmark our site and visit every day, to familiarise yourself with the overseas property for sale that is readily available. Once you find what you are looking for, we will utilise our international network of partners to help you complete your purchase quickly and smoothly.

If you wish to sell a property located overseas, once your listing goes live we will provide you with a dedicated point of contact at our firm: an experienced agent who can advise you how to attract potential buyers through your marketing and guide you through the entire process of marketing your real estate. They will be only a phone call or email away at any time. You can make amendments to the price photos or text at any time. Our aim is to find you an investor in record time by putting your property in front of as many eyes as we can through global marketing.

The Esales International Property team with speak with you at your request about updates on your property and what interest it is getting, we will also offer free advice on how to attract more interest to your listings by maybe getting better photos or adding in drone videos. When we have serious interest after vetting the inquiry we will be straight on the phone with the contacts of the lead. If you have not heard from your point of contact for a while you can simply call the office and speak to your representitave for one to one updates. The representitave assigned to you will be your dedicated point of contact until you sell.

Thank you for choosing the Esales International Property Network you – we appreciate your time and business and you have already made the first step to giving your property as much exposure as possible to attract thousands of buyers from across the globe.

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