A Guide to Kyrenia

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Kyrenia is a beautiful little town on the northern coast of Cyprus. A number of tourists make their way to Kyrenia every year and many have purchased lovely villas and apartments here. If you’re planning to buy property in Kyrenia online you will find the information given here useful.


Kyrenia offers a wonderful lifestyle, which is both laid back and relaxing. It is a great place to buy a second home or a holiday home. Everywhere you look in Kyrenia, there are museums, galleries, stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


There are a number of popular beaches here, as well as famous resorts, that are visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. The Turtle Beach is very popular as every summer, turtles come here to lay eggs at night. The biodiversity at Kyrenia is simply amazing.


Kyrenia has turbulent history – it was mainly occupied by Greek Cypriots in the past, but was taken over by Turkish Cypriots in 1974. Today it is largely inhabited by Turkish Cypriots and Turkish immigrants.


You will find a number of cruise ships, fishing boats and ferries around here. The waterfront restaurants are very popular as they offer an excellent view of the sea and are cool places to hang out with your friends.  There are a number of cosy little coffee shops and restaurants here where visitors can have a very good time indeed.


Kyrenia is home to magnificent castles such as the Buffavento Castle, which has been around for over 1000 years; Kantara, an exquisite Byzantine structure and St. Hilarion, an ancient monastery built in 800 A.D. The Kyrenia Castle is the most popular structure here, which hosts a wonderful museum which chronicles the ancient maritime history of this part of the world.  You will also find a number of historic churches and museums here.


Where should I buy a villa in Kyrenia?


East Kyrenia – Kyrenia is popular as the Riviera of Cyprus. It is always filled to the brim with tourists and overseas property hunters. If you want to buy property in Kyrenia fast, you should certainly look for options in East Kyrenia. This is a beautiful area with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and fashionable stores. Esentepe, Tatlisu and the Karpaz are among the popular neighbourhoods here. The villas here are beautifully built and offer a great view of the sea. The coastline is simply magnificent and the place boasts of some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.




West Kyrenia – You will enjoy shopping for villas and apartments in the West of Kyrenia. There’s a popular beach here called the Escape Beach and a famous shopping centre called the Kyrenia Centre.  You will find the picturesque villages of Zeytinlik, Alsancak and Lapta here, which are quiet and peaceful all through the year. Holiday homes in this region are very popular because of the relaxed lifestyle around here. You won’t have any trouble finding modern villas or apartments in Western Kyrenia. The region is traditional in a lot of ways but has modern amenities and a forward looking outlook.


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