Tips on Buying Property in Indonesia

Once you've located a piece of property you're interested in buying, don't put down any major cash until you've had an independent third party do a thorough land due diligence research. Do not give a salesperson any money as a down payment; always do it through the company's official channels and get a receipt. It is recommended that even a small deposit payment to the notaris or agency managing the...

Selling Property in Indonesia to Foreign Buyers

Buying a home in Indonesia as an orang asing (literally "alien" or "foreigner") is simpler than ever before.   For a long time, foreigners looking to acquire property in the Indonesia were stymied by a plethora of laws that made it nearly impossible for them to do so.   In 2015, President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo, who was re-elected this year to a second five-year term, began implementing...

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