UK & Irish Estate Agents Selling Property in Malysia

Before you buy or sell property in Malaysia, you should consult with a qualified real estate attorney. An experienced real estate attorney can not only guide you through the buying and selling process legally, but also put you in touch with reputable real estate agents and lenders. Because of their extensive history of collaboration with the lawyer, you can rest assured that they will get the job...

When Selling Your Property in Malaysia There Are 5 Expenses You Can’t Ignore

  Selling a home or property in Malaysia entails more than just pocketing the proceeds. It will cost you some money to make the transaction go through, and you won't get to retain all of the money you make. It's important to consider all of the potential expenses. Property agency commissions, appraisal costs, legal expenses, and capital gains tax are just a few examples (RPGT). We live in...

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