A Guide to the Kapparis Property Market In Cyprus

Do You have a Property For Sale In Kapparis, Cyprus? Or do you want to invest in this beautiful part of Cyprus?


There is a lot of interest in properties in Cyprus, especially in small, beautiful villages like Kapparis. If you have a house or villa there, read this article to find out what to expect.


There is much to like about Kapparis, a thriving resort on the East coast of Cyprus. Once only a small village, Kapparis has been transformed into a popular hub of tourism, and indeed, an overseas property hotspot.


Where is Kapparis?

Kapparis is a rural community in Cyprus near Paralimni and Protaras. It is about 15 kilometres (or 9.3 miles) from Famagusta and is a part of the Famagusta district. It is about 30 miles from Larnaca. The entire village of Kapparis is built around a main road called Kennedy Ave.


History of Kapparis

Kapparis was once only a small village. Most of the buildings here are pretty new. You will find many air raid shelters here that were built in 1974, around the time Cyprus was invaded by Turkey.


Kapparis Today

Kapparis is today a popular hub of tourism. You have people from the UK and Greece visiting this village throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.


Those who have been to this village appreciate the calm and quiet and the tranquillity. There are no maddening crowds and very little traffic. When you come to this village you will have the entire place for yourself, and can do as you please.


The locals are a friendly lot and very welcoming of tourists. Also, there is a large British expat community here, and English is widely spoken.


Are there any beaches in Kapparis?

Yes, there is a beautiful beach called the Fireman’s Beach in Kapparis. It’s not far from the fire station near the cliff top. This is one of the most unspoiled beaches you will ever see.


There are always a dozen or more tourists around here at any time of the day. But you will have plenty of privacy and vast stretches of the beach for yourself. This is just a lovely place to have a relaxed afternoon nap or catch up on a bestseller on your Kindle, under the shade of an umbrella.


The Property Market in Kapparis

Kapparis has developed into a perfect family resort. It is blessed with perfect Mediterranean weather and gets more than 330 days of sunshine. There are many great bars and restaurants here, as well as a couple of nice B&B’s.

Kapparis is a very family friendly place with close to zero incidents of crime. This is a very peaceful community where everyone knows everyone. So people are almost always on their best behaviour.

You always have a crowd of Brits here in Kapparis, flocking to buy luxury villas and apartments here. That’s why property prices on this lovely coastal village are on the rise.

We also have many Greeks, Scandinavians and Germans showing interest in properties in Kapparis, which should be good news for those who want to sell their property in Kapparis.


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