A Guide To The Kyrenia Property Market

There is a huge demand for properties in North Cyprus as of this year. Many foreign investors, especially those from Russia, China and non-EU member states have been attracted by the Golden Visa scheme, which promises residency permits to those who buy properties worth 300,000 EUR in that state.


Kyrenia is a beautiful town which has been attracting a lot of interest lately. It is already a popular tourist destination. Tens of thousands of foreign tourists visit this town every holiday season. Many, including those from the UK and Sweden, have gone on to buy property there.


It is easy to see why Kyrenia has emerged as an exciting overseas property destination. It offers a relaxed lifestyle, modern amenities at par with anything you can get in the UK and has some of the best beaches in Cyprus.


There is much to look forward to in Kyrenia; the nightlife here can be quite raucous. The streets of Kyrenia are packed with shops, boutiques, museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


There are many great beaches in Kyrenia which are packed with tourists from dawn to dusk. The most famous beach around here is the Turtle Beach, where turtles come to lay eggs at night every summer. This place has amazing biodiversity the sort of which you will not get anywhere else in Europe.


The history of Kyrenia is interesting. It has been a source of conflict between Greece and Turkey for many, many centuries. It was occupied by Greece for a major part of its history. But since 1974, it has been taken over by Turkish Cypriots and Turkish immigrants.


Kyrenia is a cool place to hang out with friends and family. Everywhere you go here you will find tourists of all ages and sexes and nationalities. There are cruise ships, fishing boats and ferries everywhere.


Also interesting are the waterfront restaurants that offer an excellent view of the sea. You will certainly enjoy having a meal here with your friends. While at it, make it a point to visit one of the cosy little coffee shops around here.


The Property Market in Kyrenia

There is a huge demand for properties in Kyrenia. Kyrenia is divided into two regions, East Kyrenia and West Kyrenia.


East Kyrenia is called as the Riviera of Cyprus. You will find many excellent luxury properties here, which are expensive, but not as much as comparable properties in France or Italy. You can, for example, buy a luxury mansion for as little as $2 million. This place has a number of beautifully built villas and offers an excellent view of the sea. It has some of the best beaches in Cyprus.


West Kyrenia is home to many charming villas. There are many apartment buildings here that offer a direct view of the sea. The Escape Beach is very popular, as is the shopping centre known as the Kyrenia Centre.


There is certainly a lot of demand for properties in Kyrenia, and every chance that you will get a good price for your house should you put it up for sale.


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