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Have you considered buying any of the properties for sale in Andalucia, Spain? Andalucía is the most popular tourist destination in Spain. It is a large region that includes the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Cádiz, Sevilla, Almeria, Huelva and Jaén.


Millions of foreign tourists visit Andalucía every year. It is also one of the most important overseas property destinations in the world. You can buy a villa in Andalucia, Spain online for something between €115,000 and €270,000.


Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga are vibrant cities that have a plenty to offer to tourists. They are culturally diverse and inclusive and have a large British expat community. They are not as thickly populated as Madrid or Barcelona, and have a very warm and friendly local population.


The climate here is as perfect as it gets. The region receives over 330 days of sunshine and it never gets either too hot or too cold here. There are glorious beaches that dot every city in Andalucía, with plenty of opportunities for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and other fun activities.


The coastline is 500 miles long and is largely unspoiled for the most part, despite the huge number of foreign tourists who make their way here. Andalucía has not seen the same kind of real estate development as Costa del Sol or the Canary Islands. The local administration has been careful to preserve the biodiversity of the place and strictly discourages over-development of commercial real estate.


The Andalucian cuisine is a hit with foreign tourists. The entire region is famous for growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, so there is a plenty of fresh food to be found here.


If you look hard enough, you can see the coastline of Africa from the beaches of Andalucía. The region is very close to the northern tip of Africa and connects Europe to the vast African continent.


Properties in Andalucía are very popular with those looking to buy a holiday home or a retirement home. There are a number of seniors from Britain, Scandinavia and Germany who have moved to Andalucía for their retirement.


It’s easy to understand why. Seniors like that this region has high quality health care, which is available at a low cost. The crime rate here is one of the lowest in Europe. One has to search very hard to find any acts of crime against seniors here in Andalucía.


Foreign tourists – young and old – feel perfectly safe here. They also appreciate how friendly the locals are. The culture in Spain, not just in Andalucía, is very liberal, diverse and inclusive. Racism or religious prejudice is unheard of – that just doesn’t happen here.


Andalucía is very accessible – there are flights to Malaga, Seville, Granada and Cordoba from most of the major cities in Europe. Most people here understand English, so communication should not be a problem.


Following Brexit, a number of British expats living here have sought to sell property in Andalucia Spain quickly and move back home to the UK. So, there are a plenty of bargain properties available for those who look for it.

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