UK Estate Agents Selling Property Abroad To Overseas Investors


If you’re looking for information on the best UK companies to sell overseas property, you’ve come to the right place. Lately, because of the buoyant state of the British economy and the strength of the Pound, Britons are back in the overseas property market, gobbling up prime assets in the Continent. Some of the top companies such as Rightmove Overseas, Zoopla Overseas, Magnolia Property, Listglobally, Homesgofast, Esales Property and a few others are having record enquiries from buyers and investors.


Indeed, it shouldn’t surprise anyone why Britons prefer to spend their holidays in Spain, France or Portugal rather than endure month after month of miserable rain back home in the UK. Once again, there is a huge demand for second homes in the Continent. As Miranda John, an executive who works for the mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, says: “The price of foreign property can seem attractive when exchange rates favour sterling as they are doing now.”


So if you’re someone who has an overseas property for sale – well, you’re in luck because there are a lot of people waiting to buy it from you. However, the best way to reach out to prospective buyers is not by yourself, but through the top UK companies for selling overseas property.


The UK company will walk you through the property selling process, they will be someone you can trust and rely on, who will have the best agents abroad who have buyers lined up already. You can benefit from their extensive agent network and superior marketing skills.


Once you find the right company, you will find the rest of the process of selling overseas property as easy as it gets. Your UK company in partnership with their agents will act as your guide, translator, and friend through the whole process of selling the property.


Your UK company will have agents who will offer excellent advice on setting the right price. They will let you know in very clear words when you set a price that is too high, or for that matter, too low. They know very well about the average prices that comparable properties in the area are selling for and will help find a suitable price that ensures that the property gets sold as soon as possible.


Your UK company will probably be simply an advertising portal but will have an extensive agent network that you can benefit from. They will have connections spread across several countries in Russia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. They network with important international property buyers in reputed property shows held in Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East.


A good company will work with overseas agents who will take care of your entire online marketing campaign, so that your property gets maximum exposure on all the important international property portals. He will see to it that your property listings are made available in Mandarin, Russian and Arabic too, and not just in English.


Your UK company will work with agents who will take over the advertising of your property. They will know how selling an overseas property is about selling the lifestyle, more than just selling the house. They will design ads that showcase the best assets of the property and see to it that the ads are shown in the right places, where you are most likely to draw interest from legitimate buyers.


You won’t have a problem communicating with your advertising agent – he or she will be available to you 24/7, by email, live chat or phone. If there are any changes needed to be made to the property listings or to the expected price, he sees to it that they are done immediately. He will keep you updated about the latest developments and let you know as soon as a legitimate buyer shows an interest in your property.


When selecting the best UK company check out how many properties they have sold through their agents, look for those with a solid track record and a presence across Europe, Asia and the Middle East through their agent network. Find one who gets the job done and sells your property in time, rather than someone who just wastes your time and money.

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