How to Sell a Property Quickly in Spain


Did you know that 92 percent of buyers conduct their property search online? One of the secrets to selling a property in Spain quickly on the internet is to market the sale efficiently if you’re trying to sell a property in Spain and advertise on an online portal like Esales Property. The success of your home sale hinges on creating a decent property listing or advertisement. Let’s look at how to quickly sell a house in Spain with this in mind.



Increasing the value of your home

Various methods and strategies might help you sell your property and make it more appealing to potential purchasers if you want to sell it quickly. Through web listings, a written description, and a glimpse inside the home through professional photographs, videos, and virtual tours, digital marketing allows you to bring your property closer to purchasers. However, if you’re short on time and want to avoid difficulties, we recommend talking with industry specialists. An estate agent is well-versed in the market and understands how to sell a home and to whom.

To begin, if personal circumstances necessitate hastening the selling process and you have a flat to sell, the quickest option is to set an appealing market price for the property. Make your property visible at the top of property lists by posting it on the major real estate websites. If your house’s asking price is in line with market realities, you’ll probably sell it fast; nevertheless, if it’s not in demand or appealing enough, you may need to contact real estate professionals. Using the services of specialised agents will not only assist you in determining the property’s worth; you should also be aware that each real estate firm has its own database of real-time pricing for residential and commercial properties for sale.

Make sure your listing highlights the specific qualities that make the house stand out to help you sell it. A swimming pool, hot tub, or fireplace, for example, are features that may boost the value of your property and entice potential buyers to come to see it and even envision themselves living there.



Good photographs can help you sell your home quickly.

One of the first things buyers look at when forming an impression about your home is photos. Depending on the number of photographs you publish in each listing, they are important tools for making your property stand out from the competition, increasing its value and increasing connections.

We propose adding between 25 and 30 images to each home, showcasing all available rooms, as well as floor plans, common areas, the garage, storage room, and the surrounding neighbourhood, on Esales Property.

To take nice photographs and sell your property quickly in Spain, we recommend that you arrange the lighting: avoid taking shots in low light, with the house messy, or with personal items in the way. Depersonalise and clean up the house as much as possible so that the images convey a sense of brightness, order, space, and cleanliness.

Turn on all of the lights in the home, pay attention to the framing, turn on the grid on your camera or phone, and use a fixed or panoramic tripod wherever feasible. There are also some free tools and applications available to assist you in creating and editing professional-looking images. Take a look at how to use Snapseed to edit images and learn how to make your photos seem amazing. Keep in mind that you’re selling light and space.

More and more real estate agents are aware of these guidelines and provide professional photography services to assist you in making the most of all of your home’s rooms, common areas, vistas, and surroundings.



Create movies to help you sell your home quickly.

Because video accounts for 80% of internet traffic, including a video in your property listing is likely to get 200 percent more hits than a listing with simple images. Your property’s videos should be no more than a minute and a half long and no less than 30 seconds long. The reason behind this is simple: a long video might be tedious and even fatigue your viewers, yet a short film will almost certainly not allow you to display all of the facts about the property.

Magisto, Canva, Crello, Imovie, Filmorago, and Lumafusion are just a few examples of video programmes that may help you produce and edit films of your properties in a very simple method with extremely intriguing outcomes.

Only a small percentage of property listings on Esales Property have floor plans. It has been proved that listings with a floor plan generate more leads and have better natural positioning than those without. MagicPlan, Floorplanner, and Room Planner are just a few of the iPhone and Android applications that can help you generate basic floor plans.



Employ virtual technologies to sell your home quickly

Virtual tours have become the most immersive experience for property purchasers during these months of coronavirus confinement, mobility limitations, and social separation in Spain, enabling 24-hour access to the home from anywhere in the globe. In a nutshell, virtual tours allow customers to view and purchase properties without travelling.


A virtual technology listing on Esales Property, such as a virtual tour or virtual house staging, can rapidly help you sell your property in Spain. It achieves a higher ranking than property listings with merely photographs or videos and increased visibility and contact chances.



The most appropriate property description

When offering a house for sale in Spain, comments are also significant. The way you say something is more important than what you say. Therefore, for your ad to attract the buyer’s attention, you must use the property description to help them visualise what it would be like to live there.

We recommend including a clear and appealing title that grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to read it. The more detailed and appealing the property description, the higher the possibilities of capturing potential buyers’ attention.

When the reader owns the house, the property description should explain how it will feel to live there and assist them in visualising themselves living there, making use of everything that each room has to offer.

Various marketing tools educate you on how to write adverts for your property, such as storytelling or ‘copywriting.’ People don’t simply buy items or services; they buy emotions, thus focusing on the house’s advantages rather than the property’s qualities.


It’s pointless to hide or obscure crucial and significant features of the property. Indicate whether or if it has a balcony or a garage in the description. Avoid spending time on unwanted visits and inquiries by using clear, welcoming wording and being as honest as possible with your listing. The goal is to show the customer what the property you’re selling can be used for.


A house with a reasonable price, positive reviews, high-quality images, and multimedia technologies will give the buyer as much information as possible. The more information a buyer knows about a property, the easier it will be for them to choose, the more effective your listing will be, and the faster you can sell your Spanish house.

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