Best Practises when Selling Property in France Privately

The French real estate market is seeing an increase in private transactions. The merits and disadvantages of going it alone in L’Hexagone without an agency are discussed here…


Realistic Assessment of Your Home’s Value

Your property’s value is entirely in your hands without the assistance of a real estate professional, making it all too simple to overestimate its worth. As a result, doing some market research in your neighbourhood to get an idea of what comparable houses are selling for is strongly recommended. Receive a second opinion from an expert and get a price estimate.


Get Yourself a Camera and Start Taking Pictures!

It’s important to advertise your home, but making yourself stand out from the competition might be difficult. While it may seem simple, how many commercials have you seen with dark, fuzzy pictures? That’s one of the easiest methods to make your advertising shine. It’s true! If you’re not working with an agent, you’ll have to put your own time and money into getting high-quality professional images. Because you’ve lived in your house, you have a distinct advantage: you know its ins and outs, as well as its “good sides.” Among the most critical factors to take into account is the following:


  • Try to make use of a high-quality camera if you can.
  • Use the landscape orientation for all of your photographs. In addition to covering more ground, this creates a more robust web gallery.
  • On a sunny day, get outside and snap some photos.
  • All rooms should be tidy and well-lit for interior photographs (natural light is best)
  • Even if you have to move furniture, make each space look as big as feasible.
  • Remove any personal things from the photo before taking it.
  • Having a new look may make a world of difference. Add fresh bouquets and freshly folded towels as needed.
  • To avoid wasting all your hard work, be sure you don’t reduce the quality of your digital images while storing them. Save them as.jpg files with a high resolution.


Be adaptable and receptive.

The seller assumes complete responsibility for any communication if they do not have a real estate agent present. A missed email or phone contact might result in a lost transaction; thus, this needs a high level of commitment. Be prepared to handle any incoming communications and be accessible for buyer meetings at any given moment.


Become familiar with the market costs

There is no way around the requirement in France that a Notaire handles all real estate transactions. While the seller pays the agency costs, the buyer pays the Notaire’s charge (7-8 percent) (4-10 percent ). A lower asking price and an appearance of superior value for potential purchasers are reflected in the situation where you are completely responsible for paying these expenses.


The paperwork and documentation

Don’t underestimate the amount of time and effort into the pre-sale paperwork! If you’re doing this all on your own, you’ll need a lot of paperwork in order, including your title deed and evidence of identification. DPE, or “Diagnostic de Performance Energetique,” is a lengthy process that requires a great deal of time and effort to establish compliance with several health and safety requirements, including gas, electricity, lead, asbestos, and more. Check out our article on selling a house in France for additional information on the necessary papers.


For more than a decade, the Esalesinternational team has helped customers sell their property in France privately. For more information on our affordable packages or talking with one of our in-house specialists, please contact us to help you with your property sales.

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