Tips to sell overseas property fast online

Traditional methods of selling a house are rapidly disappearing. The internet, e-commerce, and social media platforms have changed the face of marketing due to technological advancements. As you can sell anything you want online, the sales process has become much easier.

The first thought that came to mind recently when trying to sell a house was to contact a real estate agent. However, the digital age has made it possible for you to cut out a few steps and the middle man and make more sales in a shorter period. Put your home on the market without going through a typical “property for sale” ploy.

The global world has made real estate an easy deal. Individuals and investors from around the world can purchase real online. Now sellers can easily reach buyers from across Europe, Scandinavia and the USA to present their offers and market their house investments.

More money can be saved than you can imagine by advertising and selling a international property on the internet. You won’t have to worry about the real estate agent’s commission in the first place. Selling a home online doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have to spend a penny during the entire process. You can’t wait to get your properties listed on the web, can you? Take a deep breath and relax. When it comes to selling your home, we’ll assist you in gathering all the information you’ll need.

Most buyers begin their search for a home on the internet, as is well-known. However, online estate agents are becoming increasingly popular as well. It is possible to sell property online for a fraction of the cost of using an estate agent on the high street. It’s important to know if there are any potential dangers. Some of the topics covered in our guide are whether or not you should use an online real estate agent, why people do so, and what to look out for. Use an online estate agent?

You’ll learn everything you need to know about selling your overseas property online.


Step 1: Finding a Online Portal or Agent

Choosing an online real estate agent can be confusing. Rightmove, esalesinternational , Magnolia Property are just a few of the many online platforms available . Our comparison table compares the packages, pricing, and ratings of the most popular online real estate agents.


When looking for an online agent, keep the following things in mind:

Fees: Lower fees are often the main selling point when comparing online and brick-and-mortar estate agents. Starting packages range from £0 to £1000, incl. VAT even among online estate agents.

The greatest savings can be had by paying in full upfront. Online agents charge a premium for the option of paying later. You may lose your money if your property doesn’t sell, if you decide to use a different online estate agent, or if the online estate agent goes out of business completely.

No-sale-no-fee packages offered by some online real estate agents are usually more expensive.

Others have the option of deferring payment. This is usually due at the 10- or 12-month mark, regardless of whether or not you have sold. Pay-as-you-go arrangements frequently require you to enter into a credit or loan agreement with a third-party organisation to be valid.

Depending on the package you select, the price is different. It’s common for packages to be labelled “standard,” “enhanced,” or “premium.” Therefore, you should compare online estate agent prices and packages to get the best deal for your needs. The basic package includes photography, floor plans, esalesinternational advertising, and a For Sale board. They may charge extra for any additional services they provide. So, do your homework and only pay for the extra services you desire or require.

It’s easy to add on extras. It is important to remember that additional fees can be incurred for services such as Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), premium listings, social media campaigns, and accompanied viewings.

Make sure you’re in the right season. It’s also a good idea to find out how long the marketing of your home will last, as some estate agents offer packages that last six months while others go for a year.


Step 2: Get the right value.

You will likely want to get a few local high street estate agents to value your home and any online valuations that you receive. ‘ Several online real estate agents offer detailed valuation reports, while others rely on online data, while still others employ local property experts.

It is likely that your local high-street agent knows your local housing market better than anyone else and can provide you with an accurate appraisal. Consider inviting at least three real estate professionals for a valuation and marketing discussion. Maybe they can persuade you to forego using an online agent after all.

Getting an accurate appraisal is critical, not only for setting the final sale price but also for expediting the process.



Step 3: Get your property on the market!

In most cases, an online estate agent will send a representative to take photos, draw floor plans, and issue an Energy Performance Certificate for your property. After that, you can either have them write out the specifics of your property for you to review, or you can do it yourself online. Most online agents are lightning-fast when getting your property listed on the major portals (within a week).


Step 4: Viewings and feedback.

It is common for a potential employer to inquire about your availability. An online real estate agent will use a private online booking system only you and the agent can access to schedule appointments. Please take a look at our tips on how to get your house ready for guests.

In the case of online real estate agents, showing prospective buyers around your home is the default option. Many other online real estate agents are following the lead of PurpleBricks and Yopa, which are hybrid agents that offer an online service with the presence of local property experts to conduct viewings. Please find out how many viewings are included, who will be conducting them and how it works in practice by speaking with your agent. The cost of a viewing package can quickly escalate.

Ask for feedback from the estate agent after every viewing and make sure they pass it on to you. If viewings are slow, don’t be afraid to regularly keep in touch with your online agent to keep the pressure on.


Step 5: Negotiation of the Offer

When a potential buyer submits an offer, the online agent should verify that they have the funds to cover the purchase price of your home. If you’re working with an agent, they should be passing along this information and assisting you in the negotiation and acceptance process. You can negotiate directly with the buyer if you prefer to be in charge of this process. You should be able to do that if you’re selling online. Find out more about the different kinds of buyers and how to deal with offer situations.


Step 6: Keep track of the supply chain

Helping with the sale from start to finish is the responsibility of good real estate agents. But, of course, the quality of the real estate agent is a factor. It’s possible that you don’t want anyone interfering in the process or that you want them to do it all, including coordinating with both sets of solicitors and estate agents. Select an online real estate agent according to your needs and priorities. Make certain that they will take the lead if you want to step back and let them handle things. You can find additional advice in our guide. How do I get out of the housing market?


Step 7: Exchange and completion

When exchanging contracts, the sale becomes legally binding, and your conveyancing solicitor is largely in charge of this process. You and the buyer should understand when money will be transferred, and your house will be sold, so set a date in advance. There aren’t any hefty commission fees to pay at this point because most online estate agent packages include an up-front payment for marketing. To celebrate, it’s time to break out the bubbly!

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