Spain and its overseas property market outlook

The demand for housing supply has grown fast over the years in Spain from overseas buyers . Construction is the main application in this country, and the market seems to get more people often that they can’t handle it anymore. The supply is growing much faster than demand.


The sale of new construction is relatively high as compared to an existing one. Selling a new house in Spain is somehow tricky, but with the new structures, there has been continuous growth of potential buyers in the property market. The constructions and sales are to keep moderate levels so that the prices can get maintained to achieve good investment.


There has been lowered economic growth in Europe, but Spain is always on the Average, so the housing market prices can never increase and become costly. There will be no increase, especially for the foreign home buyers and those who live On the Spanish Coast.


Both groups account for the most significant Spanish market percentage when it comes to selling properties.


The main buyers of the Spanish property market are the Britons. They hold 14% of the total percentage, and this is because most have settled in Spain after they experience early retirements, or some are the regular holidaymakers. When they visit, they will require a property where they can enjoy themselves for a whole year. After the European Union decided on exiting from Brexit, buying of properties in Spain has been on the rise as a realistic opportunity by many people who are from Britain. Other famous European citizens involved with the Purchase of property in Spain include the Dutch, Scandinavians, the Germans, Russians and the French.


Spain is a country located in the southwest corner of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, which they share with Portugal. France is located in the North while Portugal to the west, and the rest of Spain’s’ border is on water.


What’s good about Spain?


  1. The Awe-Inspiring landscapes

The country is renowned for having amazing sunny climes and beaches with diverse landscapes all around. The mountains are majestic, including the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, Mount Teide Volcano, which is on the Canary Island.


  1. Enchanting islands

Many beautiful islands are found in Spain, including the Isle of Ibiza, the Volcanic landscapes of Tenerife, Graciosa in the Canary Islands, etc. they attract millions of tourists yearly visit the incredible water, beaches, incredible weather, and the friendly locals.


  1. Fantastic fiestas

The whole world knows Spain as the most famous country which holds exciting wacky fiestas and festivals. They have the San Fermin, which includes running of bulls in Pamplona and the tomato throwing celebration called La Tomatina. The many parties and festivals bring the locals together, and it involves dressing up, celebrating, and eating.





What’s worth watching in Spain?


  1. Spanish Football

The famous Spanish Football has created loyalty among the football scene, and because of its popularity, the Spaniards are also good at playing. La Liga is the national tournament of Spain that involves various clubs taking part, and they play at other Leagues and the World Cup. The leading clubs are Barcelona and Real Madrid, which are the richest too in the country and they try to battle each other from time to time.


  1. Ibiza

Ibiza runs on the phrase that all things come in small packages.  The tiny island located off the east coast of Spain is the best place that no one should miss visiting. The party hub area of not only Europe but the entire world is famously known for the never-ending all-night parties among the youngsters mostly who get to unwind and free dance to the music. There are shacks on the beach that get served food, and many EDM musicians in the world like the place.


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