Tips For Investing in Overseas Property In Paphos

Paphos is one of the most popular regions of Cyprus and has been for long a firm favourite of British and Scandinavian buyers looking for a second home or holiday home. So should you buy property in Paphos online?


We give you 9 great reasons why buying an apartment or a villa in Paphos makes such a lot of sense.


Reason #1: Paphos gets a perfect Mediterranean weather all through the year. You are guaranteed to get at least 10 months of bright sunshine here. Also, the temperatures are just perfect – it doesn’t get too hot in summer and it never gets too cold in winter. Paphos is much better than the other regions in Cyprus in this regard.


Reason #2: Paphos is one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. It has the loveliest beaches which warm and clear water as well as a thick growth of greenery. It is a nature photographer’s delight and a pleasure to visit. No wonder Paphos draws such a large crowd of tourists year after year.


Reason #3: Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is home to some of the most marvellous historical wonders of the world. There are ruins of the Roman Empire that can be found in Paphos, such as traditional baths, monuments, buildings and structures that are really worth exploring.


Reason #4: Paphos has some world famous beaches such as Akamas and Lara. These beaches are well preserved and are used as nesting spots by sea turtles to lay eggs at night time during summer. They are also popular for their water sports – scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, beach volleyball, swimming, kayaking, rowing – there are so many fun things that you can do here.


Reason #5: Paphos is a very safe place. The crime rate here is very low compared to the other regions in Cyprus. The people are well behaved and generally welcoming towards foreigners. There’s no discrimination of any sort against international property hunters who buy homes and apartments here. Cyprus is a very diverse country and Paphos represents Cyprus at its very best. You will certainly not regret your decision to buy property in Paphos quickly.


Reason #6: Paphos has an international airport which gets flights from many important cities from across Europe, including from London. It is at a walking distance from the town’s centre.


Reason #7: Paphos is a very culturally diverse place where people from all parts of the world mingle and coexist peacefully. As a property buyer, you will feel instantly at home here in Paphos. The locals are very friendly people who are ever willing to help and often go the extra distance to be of assistance to tourists who are lost or are in a distress of some sort.


 Reason #8: Paphos has one of the best standards of living you will find in Europe. You will find the pace of life very relaxed and laidback. The infrastructure and the roads are first-rate and there is no shortage of modern amenities. You will certainly enjoy your time here in Paphos.


Reason #9: The culture in Paphos as well as in the rest of Cyprus is very similar to what you’ll get in the UK as Cyprus was a British colony for many years before achieving independence. English is the main language here. The people also speak a number of other European languages apart from English.


We hope you enjoyed reading this. To buy or sell property in Paphos Cyprus fast, it would help you a lot to hire the best UK agents with the right connections and a widespread network in Cyprus.

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