Expats find Greece to be the ideal location for Investment

Expats will love living in Greece.

Many expatriates find the idea of living in Greece appealing. Greece has so much to offer as a tourist destination, from its beautiful islands to its hot summers and short, mild winters to its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery.

In general, Greece is a very safe and crime-free country. The high cost of living in Greece is among the lowest in the EU, although some cities, such as Athens, are more expensive. Greece is a country open to foreigners who want to buy a house. The purchase is unrestricted in this country.


Can I spend my golden years in Greece?

Greece is a wonderful place to spend your golden years. For a better quality of life, there is so much to choose from in this country. Many expats choose Greece as their retirement destination, particularly the idyllic Greek islands.


How long can I plan to stay in Greece?

Investing just 250,000 Euros in a property in Greece will allow you to become a permanent resident. The standard golden Visa programme in Greece gives you a five-year residency. As long as you keep the investment, you can renew this permission every five years.


Do British citizens have the option of retiring to Greece?

The United Kingdom, the United States, and Australian residents do not require a visa to enter Greece and can remain in the country for up to three months without one. You’ll require a residency permit as a retiree, though. Greece welcomes retiring expats and their disposable income with open arms.


Is English spoken in Greece?

Even though Greek is the official language of Greece and Athens, English is commonly spoken, so you won’t have any difficulties when visiting Greece, especially in most tourist areas.


Do you have an interest in purchasing a property in Greece?

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