A complete guide to selling property in Italy

Are you contemplating the sale of your Italian property? Selling a home in Italy might be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing from the start. To alleviate any worries you may have, we at Esales are dedicated to making the process of selling a home in Italy simple and straightforward. To help you sell your Italian home, we’ve put up a checklist.


Do your homework

It’s critical that you do your homework before putting your Italian property on the market. There are several components to this, including:


There are a lot of properties for sale in your region.

Are there a lot of comparable houses for sale in your region, taking into account both supply and demand? It’s possible that you’re up against a rival!

It’s crucial to establish a reasonable price for your home so that buyers are interested and you don’t wind up making a loss at the same time. To assist you, feel free to utilise our online appraisal tool.


Get in touch with a realtor.

It is possible in Italy to sell a house without the services of an estate agent, but we strongly advise that you do so. If you’re looking to sell your home in Italy, a real estate agent will take care of everything from promoting the property to negotiating with potential buyers. If you’ve never sold property in Italy before and don’t understand the language, their expertise and guidance might be crucial to a successful sale. We can help you identify the best way to market and sell your home in Italy, including specialising in working with overseas buyers.


Organize your residence or business.

Your property’s condition has a significant impact on the price you may ask for your home when you decide to put it on the market. You want to show off your home in the best possible light since first impressions are crucial. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for preparing your Italian house for sale:

Give your home a thorough cleaning before putting it on the market; this will make a huge difference in how it appears to potential buyers.

The majority of buyers aren’t convinced about purchasing a property that has to be entirely renovated, so any obvious damage may deter them from making an offer.


Refresh the property’s appearance with a new coat of paint.

Wherever showing a house, make the most of natural light and clear the area of any accumulated clutter during the daytime hours when possible.

Remove photographs and other sentimental mementos from the house so that the buyer can see it as their own.


Assemble all required paperwork.

Selling a home in Italy may be particularly time-consuming because of the complex web of regulations. A passport and documentation of where you pay your taxes will be required for non-residents selling property in Italy. An official translation will be required if your documents are not in Italian. In most circumstances, both Italian citizens and non-citizens will require the following documents:

  • Certificate of energy efficiency
  • Analysis and planning of the cadastre
  • A building permit is required for construction.
  • Certificate of urban destination certification
  • a document stating that a property is fit to live in
  • Deed under which the property was purchased
  • Certifications of installation and boiler compliance are included in this document.
  • A driver’s licence or social security card
  • An official proof of residency, a civil status document, or a marriage certificate excerpt

Detailed information on each document and the entire process of selling property in Italy may be found in our guide.


Take care of business and sign the agreement.

In order to complete the formalities and ensure a good closing, this is the most critical stage in the process:

Both parties need to sign the final property sales agreement once a preliminary agreement has been completed.

For this, you’ll need a notary public.

It is necessary to record the sale of a property in Italy’s Land Registry at this point in order for the change in ownership to be official.


Please turn in the keys.

Congratulations on the successful sale of your Italian property! As a seller, all you have to do is hand over the property and the keys.

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