Advice and Tips to Sell Property in Portugal in 2022

Some aspects of the property itself may have an impact on the transaction’s final outcome when a house is put on the market for sale. The property’s location and starting price are the most important aspects in attracting buyers, but the condition of the house and its local reputation also play a role in determining whether or not the sale is a success. Agents in the United States argue that there are several characteristics that make a home unsellable. Anything that might detract from the sale, whether it’s the price of the property being listed or the location, odours, or décor, will be crucial to consider when selling a home in Portugal. Here are some things to stay away from.


It’s in a poor place. With an airport, high-voltage electrical lines, a busy street, or a nightclub just next door, it might be difficult to sell a home. Real estate brokers emphasise how important location is. They caution that the only way to fix a problematic location is to cut the price.


An absurdly high cost: Most of the time, if a property isn’t sold, it’s because the asking price is too high. According to some realtors, “a property that doesn’t sell is a home that doesn’t have the correct price”.


Smells like sewage: Even though it may seem small, bad scents are a major contributing factor in the failure of many sales transactions. If the seller smokes at home, foul smells from pipes, or pets in the house might also affect buyers’ judgments.


There is a lack of sunlight: Along with pricing, natural light is an important aspect in determining whether or not a property is appealing to potential buyers. It’s been said that a lack of light might scare away potential purchasers.


Death breaks out at home: A death in the family, according to some brokers, may also impact a buyer’s decision. If the residence has been the scene of a violent incident, this knowledge might affect the eventual sale price.


It’s a bad design: This includes elements like low ceilings, columns in odd positions, or a challenging floor layout that can’t be readily amended. The biggest difficulty is when these things can’t be changed.


Damp: Mold and moisture in the home can scuttle a sale, and structural issues can also cause issues.


Problems with the structure or with routine upkeep: The value of a house that has been ignored in terms of repairs that have not been retired might be greatly reduced.


Decor that is out of date: When it comes to selling a home, poorly designed kitchens and bathrooms can have a negative impact. Keep in mind that the house is a business product that needs to be sold. To raise the value of a home, even if you have to spend money on upgrades, it is important to pay attention to the little things.


An untidy home: To sell your house, you’ll need to put it on display. A clean and tidy home is essential when it comes to showing it off or taking pictures. As with any other occupation, this one requires a high degree of attention to detail.


Sellers who refuse to work with you: Using a real estate agent to sell a property can be a problem if the agent and the home owner don’t work together, and the seller’s attitude can cause the deal to fail.

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