Guide to Buying and Selling Property in Turkey in 2022

For many Turkey property owners, reselling Turkey property is a completely new experience. Some aspects of the selling process have evolved throughout time, notably in terms of timeframes and documentation. Many contemporary Turkey property owners bought without consulting an attorney. They are consequently unaware of the expectations of today’s buyers and the right selling process when it comes to resale.


So, if you choose to sell your home in Turkey with us, we’ll walk you through the whole process to guarantee everything goes well. If you’d like to speak with us about selling your Turkey property, please give the following information so we can respond quickly:

  • Your name and phone number are required fields.
  • In Turkey, a scanned copy of the deeds/Tapu Details of the key holder
  • Provide a link to any website where you may be renting out the property or selling it through another agency.

We’ll then schedule a time to evaluate your property and provide you with a market evaluation as well as a thorough breakdown of the expected sales expenses. We will agree on the suitable price to place your home on the market based on your projected net selling revenues.


So, how much does it cost to sell something?


  • No commission on sale as we do not charge commission which saves you thousands in estate agent fees.
  • Fees for notaries, translators, councils, and banks
  • Report on an independent property appraisal (1750TL + KDV)
  • Marketing costs


What Should You Know About Selling Besides That?


If you have only had your property for a short period of time, you may be subject to Turkish Capital Gains Tax, particularly now that the new property value report system has been implemented. If this is the case, we can advise you on the implications for selling.


The fact that you will get money directly from the buyer/buyers account, gross of all sales charges, is a significant distinction in the sales procedure compared to many other nations. Money is not paid through a lawyer or agency and then debited from your account before being delivered to you. As a result, when it comes to the completion date, you will need to transmit your sales expenditures in advance, and they will be paid out either by you or your legal representative – normally with a Power of Attorney for a bank account in your name formed specifically for this reason. You should have the money available for the payment because a minimum deposit of 10% will have been put with you at contract through your lawyer.


You must have property insurance, including DASK insurance, at the time of completion. All of your council taxes, water, and electric bills, as well as any site fees if you use shared amenities, must be paid on time. We’ll need confirmation of the utility connection numbers, as well as a statement from your site management business (if applicable) stating that your site payments are current.


If you’re renting out your house while attempting to sell it, we can advise you to manage your reservations and advise the selling of the commercial side of the property.


So, why should you resell your Turkey property with Esales property ?

We have years of expertise in the Turkish real estate market and can provide you with the finest advise on any aspect of your home transaction.

We screen our buyers at every level of the sales process to ensure a high conversion rate.

We have a multi-national and multi-lingual partners, making cross-cultural communication simple.

All deals and sales are done through your lawyer under Turkish law they collect your money and deposits at no point do we as a company touch your sales proceeds.


Sell Property in Turkey Fast To overseas buyers with our marketing.


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