Living in Madrid Spains Majestic Capital

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Madrid is a world class city, in the same class as New York or London. It is one of the power centres of Europe. A lot of important people live here, major celebrities, billionaires and power brokers. But how is Madrid like for the rest of us?


Well, it’s pretty much the same as London in a lot of ways – there’s the hustle and bustle of living in a major global city, the noise and the pollution, and some of the areas are quite crowded. Madrid, Spain’s central capital, is a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. The heart of old Hapsburg Madrid is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and nearby is the baroque Royal Palace and Armory, displaying historic weaponry.


Also, if you’re looking for bargain properties for sale in Madrid, you are warned that it won’t be easy. Those planning to buy apartments in Madrid quick should know that an average property here costs between 800 to 1,100 Euros per square metre. This is cheaper than what you’ll get in New York or London, but still quite expensive.


Madrid has a thriving art scene and it serves some of the best food you will find anywhere in Spain. It has a very proud history behind it and a rich culture that you must explore.


The origins of Madrid date back to 9th century when Muhammed of Cordoba, the then ruler of Spain, built a palace and citadel here. The city was for many centuries an outpost of the kingdom of Castile. It rose to prominence later when it became the capital of the newly formed Kingdom of Spain.


Madrid grew very fast during the 17th and 18th centuries, as this was a time when Spain was thriving economically. As the capital of Spain, Madrid reaped all the benefits of economic progress witnessed in many countries in Europe around this time.


Madrid is today home to Spain’s constitutional monarchy. King Felipe VI of Spain lives here. It is also home to Real Madrid, the world’s richest football club, and of course, to Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps the greatest footballer of his generation.


The biggest airport in Madrid is the Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD), which is easily accessible from the city centre. Madrid has many world class hospitals such as the La Paz University Hospital, Hospital Quiron and Unidad Medica Angloamericana, which attract patients not just from Spain, but from across Europe and Asia.


Madrid has many excellent schools, such as the International School and the Montessori School. However, schools in Madrid are among the most expensive in Spain. The fees at some of the international schools in Madrid can be over 25,000 Euros – which is very high indeed.


Madrid has many well funded museums, symphonies, operas, and theatre.  It is the financial capital of Spain, not just the political capital. Madrid is the pride of Spain, and competes directly with Barcelona for the title of the best city in Spain.


Madrid, unlike many other cities in Spain, is far away from the sea and there are no beaches here. It experiences extreme temperatures – it can get hot in summers and rather cold in winters. On rare occasions, it even snows in Madrid. Contact us today to buy or sell property in Madrid Spain fast online.






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