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Should you buy an apartment in Valencia, Spain online in 2022? Valencia ranks behind Madrid and Barcelona as the third most important city in Spain. That Valencia does not have the same population that Madrid and Barcelona have – there are only 1.5 million people who live here – is a blessing in disguise.


Valencia has all the modern amenities, job opportunities and infrastructure that you would expect from a large city, without any of the hustle and bustle, the traffic or the pollution. The lifestyle here is decidedly relaxed and laid back, which you probably couldn’t say about living in Madrid.


There are a plenty of apartments for sale in Valencia, Spain that cost in the range of 100,000 EUR and 250,000 EUR. That’s very reasonable. The rents are not that high either. You can buy a beautiful three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city for just 1,600 EUR/month. This compares very well with Madrid and Barcelona.


Valencia is more than just a city. It is a perfect holiday spot and has some of the most glorious beaches in Spain. It offers a very high quality of living, and is a very romantic place to visit. There cosy restaurants, pubs and coffee shop everywhere you go and the streets are generally packed with foreign tourists going to and from.


Valencia has a very mild climate – it gets 270 days of sunshine, but it never gets too hot here. There is some humidity in the summer and it can get slightly cold during winter, but the temperatures are generally mild all through the year.


The culture in Valencia, like in the rest of Spain, is very liberal, diverse and inclusive. It is a very safe city, with a low crime rate. You won’t here too many stories of tourists getting mugged here in Valencia – that simply does not happen. It is safe for children, women and seniors.


It’s no surprise that there are so many retirees from Britain, Germany, Sweden and Norway in Valencia, who have bought retirement homes here. This is a perfect place to retire to after decades of hard work.


The property market in Valencia has weathered a lot of storms recently. It was hit in 2009 by the global housing crisis triggered by the Great Recession of 2008 in the US. This was followed by the Spanish balance of payment crisis, which led to the imposition of a slew of austerity measures by the government.


Then we had the 9-month long political stalemate in Spain, with no party able to form the government. Valencia has dealt with them all pretty well, and the property market here is back to the pre-crisis levels of 2007.


However, Brexit – the June 23 referendum in the UK where a majority of the British public decided to leave the EU has been a setback. A number of British expats who have lived here for many years, have decided to sell property in Valencia, Spain quick and move back to the UK, because of the general anxiety that exists over the Brexit referendum.


But that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm here, and Valencia continues to be a silver lining in the overseas property market in Europe.



Madrid is different from the other places in Spain. It has no beaches and it can get really cold here during the winter. It even snows in Madrid on occasions.


Madrid is directly compared to Barcelona. Both Madrid and Barcelona have their own admirers and there is a lot of debate on which of the two cities offers a better quality of life. Madrid has many great advantages.


Madrid has world class health care facilities. Some of Madrid’s biggest hospitals, such as the La Paz University Hospital, Unidad Medica Angloamericana and Hospital Quiron are considered to be amongst the best in the world.


Madrid has one of the busiest international airports in the world in Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD). The schools here are up to world class standards. But the cost of education in Madrid is much higher than elsewhere in Spain – the annual fees at some of the international schools here can be as high as 25,000 Euros.


Madrid has a rich art scene and a proud culture. It has many great historic buildings and lots of world class architecture. There are many museums, operas, symphonies and art centres in Madrid.


So, there are a lot of people who’re looking to invest in Spain’s capital; which means there are plenty of opportunities for those who are eager to sell real estate in Madrid, Spain fast.

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