FAQs on Selling A Home in Turkey

Selling property in Turkey or looking to sell land in Turkey? Allow us to help market worldwide and help you sell your home in Turkey.


A drop-down list of frequently asked questions about selling property in Turkey may be found below.


Our Partners have been assisting customers and developers in the sale of property in Turkey for many many years. Our effective marketing and customer service offerings are specifically designed to find the right buyer. To meet the needs of our vendors, we provide three different global marketing packages.


When I sell my house in Turkey, do I have to pay capital gains tax?

Yes, in some situations. If you plan to sell your property in Turkey within five years of obtaining it, you will be subject to capital gains tax. You will be excluded if you bought your home more than 5 years ago.

The capital gains tax is calculated as a percentage of the profit you made on the property, or the difference between the value reported on your title deed when you bought it and the sales (agreed) price that will be declared at the TAPU (Land Registry) Office when the transaction is completed.


What are the costs associated with selling my Turkish property?

Fees that you should expect to pay when selling your Turkish home include:

Fee for a real estate agent.

The estate agent is usually expected to be paid 5% of the agreed sales price for their services on the sale of the property. If previously negotiated in writing, this charge may differ in specific situations. If you market through us you pay no commission.



Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a type of tax that applies to property sales

If you’re selling your home within five years of when you bought it, you’ll need to do this. It’s a revolving fee. See the preceding inquiry for further information.

Fee for transferring sales.

On the sale or purchase of a property, a 4% Stamp Duty (plus certain additional admin costs) is needed. In Turkish law, the buyer and seller should share the deed transfer fee equally, but in fact, the buyer usually pays the whole 4% on acquisition. This charge’s obligation should be stated clearly in the conditions of sale and throughout negotiations.


To sell my house in Turkey, what paperwork do I need?

The Land Registry Office requires a variety of papers in order to organise transfer paperwork and conduct the sale of a property in Turkey. The vendor Or seller must provide the following information:

A passport as well as a notarized passport translation are required. At the Notary, your genuine passport (not a replica) will be translated into Turkish and stamped. The Land Registry office will require this, as well as the passport, in order for the sale of the property in Turkey to occur.

Turkish Tax Identification Number. You will be asked for this number; if you are the owner of a Turkish property, you should already have one.

  • Passport photos (two). Land Registry records necessitate this.
  • Tapu original (Title Deeds).
  • A signed statement granting the new owner complete ownership rights.


Is it possible for me to give my Turkish property to a family member?

It is possible to give your property for free to a partner, spouse, or other third party. This can take some time and requires the presence of all persons involved, including those identified as owners on the Tapu (or their POAs) and the person who will be awarded the residence.

You must first notify the Land Registry Office of your decision to transfer complete ownership of your property to another person. You’ll then have to pay the legal costs, which are usually 7% of the property’s value as recorded at the Land Registry office (N.B: the figure the TAPU office will give you as to the properties worth in Turkish Lira is often far below the figure it is worth on the open market). After that, you’ll need to provide all of the standard documentation for selling a home, including the TAPU, passport and translation, declaration, two passport photos, and your tax number.


What methods does esalesinternational use to advertise your home?

Are you considering selling your home in Turkey? Our global network has been helping customers in selling and securing their Turkish homes for many years. Our solid marketing and customer service offerings are specifically designed to find your perfect buyer.


We try to make your house as visible as possible via our sites, internet, media, partner agencies, international property portals, property exhibitions, and search engines, depending on the sales package you choose.


We match and send complete details of your home to any possible purchasers through email, as well as highlighting it to our partner agencies. Fully interactive for requesting more information/calling and emailing a buddy.


For further information about our marketing solutions, please contact us to buy or sell property in Turkey fast.


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