How To Sell a House in Ireland Quickly

So you want to sell a house in Ireland fast to cash investors? You’ll need to find a buyer from Europe, the USA, Canada, or Australia. For two reasons, this is a good time.


Brexit has been finalised. Britain has left the European Union. The property market in Europe has been plagued by uncertainty for the previous three years because of the uncertainties surrounding the Brexit vote, regardless of which side you support (Leave or Remain).


Private investment will once again take centre stage, notably in the Irish housing market, as the uncertainty around politics and Brexit fades away. The number of inquiries we receive daily from affluent investors looking to purchase a home in Ireland is already in the hundreds from countries across the world, such as the United States, Canada, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.


What’s the point of going to Ireland?


The worldwide business community now regards Ireland as one of Europe’s economic powerhouses. The fact that Ireland has one of the greatest living standards in the world draws in foreign investors as well as the numerous economic possibilities available.


As a prosperous economy and a democratic state where the Rule of Law reigns supreme and safeguards every individual’s Right to Property, Ireland is no longer the European Union’s sick man.


Many affluent people from China, Russia, and other Asian and European countries are ready to purchase a second property in Ireland as a result of this fact. According to a study of local estate agents conducted by the Irish Independent, home prices in Ireland are growing and are anticipated to climb by 2.4% in 2022.


Houses in the €250,000-€350,000 price range are easier to sell, but those in the €450,000 and above price range are more difficult to sell.


New houses in Dublin and commuter regions are selling well, but only up to a certain price range, according to REA spokesperson Barry McDonald.

There has to be “assurance, confidence, and clarity regarding Brexit” for the market over the €450,000 threshold to alter, according to McDonald. Instead of feeling compelled to upgrade on a regular basis, individuals are relocating because they have to, rather than because the market is aspirational as it was in 2007.”


As a rule of thumb, the best method to sell your Irish property is to seek affluent foreign investors, particularly those from the US, Australia, and Europe. In terms of their finances, they are the ones who can afford to buy a property for €450,000 or more in cash.


Joanne Kelly of PwC Ireland says there is a lot of demand for residential property in Ireland right now from large investors. Kelly remarked that “there is a housing scarcity or a dearth of social and affordable housing in every major city across Europe”.


“Prices rise in every market when there is a lack of supply. A acceptable return for international institutional investors is one of the primary considerations for residential type investments,” she continued.


According to David McWilliams, Brexit is a good thing from an Irish standpoint since it brings in a lot of inbound investment. Even in the housing market, a lot of money that would have gone to London is now being invested in the Republic of Ireland.


In recent years, Dublin has emerged as a serious challenger to London, and it has plenty to offer. Experts such as IT specialists, engineers, video game designers, medical professionals, filmmakers, and researchers are in high demand in Ireland.


Because of the UK’s anti-immigration stance, we may anticipate an influx of highly qualified professionals to move to Ireland, driving up property values.


Selling your Irish home on your own isn’t always an option, especially if you’re hoping to find a rich buyer from Russia, Australia, the United States, or Europe.


For the best results in 2022, you need contact an international real estate specialist with the relevant connections and marketing know-how to help you sell your Irish home.

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