Property Market in Playa Flamenca Spain

Are you looking to buy or sell property in Playa Flamenca Costa Blanca Spain?


Playa Flamenca is a lovely beach resort on the southern Oriheula of the Costa Blanca. It is just north of La Zenia and south of Punta Prima.


This beach resort was developed in 1972 by a group of Flemish real estate developers. It was nothing more than a deserted coastline back then. Today, Playa Flamenca is packed with tourists from dawn to dusk and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.


This is certainly a good time to be involved in the Playa Flamenca property market, whether you want to buy or sell property in Costa Blanca. The important thing is to hire an overseas property specialist who can help you find the right deal or the right opportunity.


How to Get to Playa Flamenca?


Playa Flamenca is at a 40-minute drive from the Alicante Airport. You can also get to this place from the Murcia Airport, which is to the south of this beach resort and is only at a 20 minute-drive away. There are a plenty of private buses, taxis and car hires that take you from the two international airports to the resort.


What’s Good About Playa Flamenca?


Playa Flamenca is a modern, cosmopolitan coastal town with stunning beaches. It has a large non-Spanish population with many English, Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian, Spanish, German, Russian and Irish expats staying here.


In fact, only 20% of the residents of Playa Flamenca are Spanish. The rest are from a number of different countries, mostly foreign tourists who decided to take their love for Spain and the Costa Blanca to a whole new level by buying property here.


Playa Flamenca is a lovely resort with a long, largely unspoiled coastline. There are a plenty of entertainment spots here, such as a large mall with more than 200 shops. There is a bowling alley, a casino, a busy market, a public sports centre with an indoor heated pool and also a fun and interesting golf park and go-kart track for kids and adults alike.


What about doctors, dentists, and other essentials?


There are a couple of good dentists in Playa Flamenca, and at least half a dozen experienced doctors and general physicians. The public health system in Spain is considered to be one of the best in the world, so this shouldn’t be an issue.


What about the schools? Are they good enough?


Yes. There are two decent local schools in and around Playa Flamenca. There is one within the limits of the resort itself and another that is just a short distance away, at Lol Dolces.


While these are Spanish state schools, over 70 percent of the students are non-Spanish.  You can also choose to enrol your child in an international school at Villamartin, which is at a short drive away, which offers a full UK syllabus.


What about the Property Market in Playa Flamenca?


There has been a steady increase in demand for properties in Playa Flamenca, with home prices going up by 10% in only the last 1 year. Scandinavian investors are the biggest buyers of properties in this resort, having replaced British expats from the top.


The interest from British buyers has declined since Brexit, not just in Playa Flamenca, but across Spain and the rest of the Eurozone. But they still play an important role as buyers or sellers.


A typical apartment costs 70,000 Euros, townhouses start at 110,000 Euros and Quad houses start at 130,000 Euros. You can buy a Spanish villa of your dreams for 170,000 Euros or more.

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