Selling Property in Turkey Tips And Pointers

Whether you are a tourist with a second home in Turkey or a permanent resident with a place of your own, you may one day think about selling the property. Obviously, you’re interested in selling your home in Turkey as quickly and for as much as possible.

Your home in Turkey is likely one of your most significant possessions, so you should enter the market again prepared with all the information you need. We at esalesinternational┬áhave assisted numerous non-Turkish homeowners in the sale of their properties in Turkey, and we’ve found that some homes sell more quickly than others, and that some homeowners even get the whole asking amount without having to negotiate with buyers.


Selling a Home in Turkey: A Step-by-Step Guide

The following are some suggestions that may help you sell your home faster and for a higher price:

  • There are still some traditional Turkish residences that do not have an Iskan (habitation certificate.) When potential buyers learn that the utility prices for these homes are greater than average, they often decide against making an offer. A significant portion of the Turkish housing market is off-limits to you as well because Turkish banks do not provide mortgages for residences without an Iskan. Without an Iskan, potential purchasers in Turkey will demand a steep discount on the purchase price of your home.
  • Second, be ready to move swiftly if everything is in order and your home is well maintained and priced competitively. If your buyer is a Turkish national who can pay in cash immediately, the sale of your home may take as little as one or two days to finalise. If you’re unable to be present in Turkey for the sale, please contact us to discuss the possibility of appointing a power of attorney.


If you’re interested in selling your home in Turkey and learning more about advertising with esalesinternational, please don’t hesitate to send us a message, pick up the phone, or stop by our office at the address or number provided.


The five best pieces of advice are:

Get the necessary documentation ready

Gather your property titles, Iskan (habitation certificate), a notarized translation of your passport documents, your Turkish tax identification number, and two passport photos before you try to sell your home. To complete the sale, you must also provide proof of current payment of any applicable apartment aidat and council tax.

Maintenance Jobs

Fix any problems you find, such dripping faucets, sticky shower heads, or broken storage units. Could a fresh coat of paint improve the appearance of the property? This is also a great opportunity to scrub down your walls, floors, and storage units.

De- Personalise

Butchers are less likely to buy a house if they can’t picture themselves living there. Please put away the photos and any mementos of your loved ones. In the meantime, tidy up your house. All of these will help the buyer picture themselves living in the home.


Portraits Taken by a Professional Photographer

Investing in professionally taken photos of your property is the best way to attract purchasers. Spending money on a professional photographer is a good idea if you aren’t confident in your own photography abilities.


Unique Selling Points

Unique selling qualities include a spacious balcony, a separate kitchen, built-in wardrobes, double glazing, burglar bars, and a hot water boiler. Explain what makes your house stand out from the rest by listing its distinguishing features. Perhaps you could use the assistance of a copywriter in developing your product’s distinctive selling qualities.


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