Tavira Property Market, the Algarve’s Venice

Many Expats decide to relocate to Portugal’s Algarve. Activity may be found everywhere from the coast’s sandy beaches to the rooftops of interior mansions with views of the countryside.


We’ve put together this guide to Tavira, the “Venice of the Algarve,” to aid in your search for a home in this beautiful region. In case that didn’t pique your interest, here’s more…


There are vast beaches and a distinct blend of coastal and city moods in Tavira, a tiny city on the Algarve coast. The Gilo River runs through the middle of the city, dividing it in half. But where should I go, and what should I do there?



Tavira is close to a number of beautiful beaches. Due to its coastal location, the waters here are often warmer than those found elsewhere in the Algarve, making it an ideal place for lengthy walks.


Popularly known as Tavira Island, Illha de Tavira is renowned for its pristine beaches. Due to the island’s length, it’s roughly 3 kilometres from Tavira’s downtown. The beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, signifying that it satisfies the strictest international standards for cleanliness, safety, and accessibility.


Praia de Barril is not to be missed by any sailor or ship enthusiast. It is the beach’s peculiar anchor graveyard that has brought it widespread attention. Retired anchors typically rest in a haphazard pattern approximately 30 metres out from the beach. People in the area had relied on catching tuna for a living, but as the fish moved on, the industry collapsed.


To the Castle of Tavira

Ruins of a castle, possibly of Moorish origin, may be found in the town square. The 13th-century Tavira fortress, which had been commissioned by King Dinis, was severely devastated by the Great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. The majority of the current buildings date back to restoration efforts in the 18th century, and they are well worth exploring. There’s a lovely park there, and if you’re up for some challenging stairs, the castle’s walls offer a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding city.


The Basilica of Santa Maria doo Castelo

Santa Maria do Castelo Church may be found just adjacent to the castle. It was also a gothic structure from the 13th century that the earthquake obliterated and then had to be reconstructed. Until today, Tavira has relied on Santa Maria do Castelo as its primary place of worship.


The graves of the knight who, in 1242, liberated Tavira from the Moors together with seven of his friends may be seen in the main chapel. It’s a lovely tribute, with thoughtful decorations.


So Lus

Come to Santa Luzia to get a feel for the Algarvean way of life. The local delicacy is octopus, and the town is otherwise typical of fishing communities. As a matter of fact, it is widely recognised as the octopus industry’s epicentre. If you’re craving octopus, you can find it at any one of numerous eateries. You shouldn’t be shocked to see several clay pots on the quayside, as this is how the fisherman catch the octopus. They are tied together and left in the shallow lagoon overnight, where they will crawl into the pots for protection before being retrieved the next day.


Peg of Hell

Pego de Inferno is a magnificent lake and waterfall located about 10 minutes outside of town. It’s hidden away and easy to overlook, yet the lake is beautiful and refreshingly cool.


Purchasing a Tavira Home

Our Property Agents have learned that villas, flats, and homes are all available to rent or purchase in Tavira. Average selling price per square metre is between €2,200 and €2,500.


You may buy a mobile house with two bedrooms for as low as €50,000. You can get a place for around €130,000 if you’re prepared to do some work on it, but if you want to just move in, you’ll have to spend at least €145,000.


How can I qualify for permanent residence in Portugal?

The Golden Visa programme is your passport to permanent residency in Portugal. Scheme created by the Portuguese government to facilitate residency for persons from non-EU countries by outlining qualified investments leading to a resident visa valid for five years.

If you’re hoping to buy a or sell a home in Tavira Portugal, you’ll be happy to hear that real estate purchases qualify as investments.



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