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Here we will detail many of the top sites in the UK for UK property listings. Whether you want to market privately or through a UK estate agent these sites below will have you covered. Buying property as a primary residence or retirement nest egg is a proven long-term investment strategy that has generated more wealth than any other asset class. Real estate values may swing up and down, but historically, they have always increased. This held true during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and we can finally see the end of the tunnel in the form of a thriving property market.

Homeowners who want to sell their homes to interested purchasers must have a way to publicise those sales. The question is, “How do you do this?” Many real estate agencies still operate out of a physical location but also have an online presence. Independent local listings are preferred by certain merchants. Others, however, use websites like Esales Property to get the same benefits from advertising with an estate agent as they would from doing so online, but at much lower cost.

So, where can home-owners advertise their wares? Let’s check out the websites that will promote your properties as property portals online. We review the top real estate portals and weigh the benefits of each to help you decide which one is right for you.

Some of the top UK property real estate portals are as follows:

Naturally, you want to get your house’s greatest potential selling price. You’ll need a competitive pricing and enough exposure for your listing to succeed. That’s why it’s crucial to have your house included on one of the UK’s leading real estate websites. Rightmove has dominated the market for a long time, with Zoopla following close after.



Plus, more than 77% of all time spent on the top 4 websites in the UK takes place on Rightmove, making it one of the most popular property websites there is. Listings may be created rapidly, edited with ease, and deleted when a sale has been finalised. The portal has adapted to the Covid-19 modifications, allowing virtual tours to be connected from any listing, and provides a wide variety of useful features. However, the site’s success in the past is stifling its development because rising fees have prompted real estate agents to look elsewhere in order to avoid passing the higher costs on to their customers. This will result in fewer listings on the formerly dominant site.

Rightmove restricts property listings to those submitted by licenced real estate agencies, lettings agents, or builders of new homes. This eliminates the option for homeowners to advertise their properties independently. As prices continue to rise, more and more people are turning to alternate platforms to advertise their homes, leading to a decline in overall interest and traffic. Here you may learn more about Rightmove. Rightmove is the most popular real estate website in the United Kingdom, however its monthly traffic is decreasing. According to data from, Rightmove’s monthly traffic have decreased from 218 million to 97.8 million as of April 2022. The good news is that you can advertise your property on RightMove without having to pay the hefty fees charged by traditional real estate brokers.


Zoopla has a fantastic website and mobile app. It’s stuffed with resources that make it simple to do things like find out how much your house is worth or connect with others in your area. Zoopla is an excellent platform for advertising your home for sale, for rent, or both.

Although the site is loaded with features, the functioning is not as polished as its rivals. Although individuals cannot create listings on Zoopla directly, low-cost online estate agents can. About: Since its 2008 inception, UK property website Zoopla has grown to become a go-to resource for the country’s 50 million monthly users. Zoopla is the best website to use if you want to sell your home fast and easily. The firm provides users with listings for available properties alongside market data and other useful data for homebuyers. To learn more about Zoopla, go here.


OnTheMarket’s search function is both speedy and easy to use, and the software itself is reliable and straightforward. RightMove and Zoopla, they say, will show you the same properties after you’ve already seen them here first.

Users flock to where the listings are, and OnTheMarket has substantially fewer homes available. As a result, less representational firms use OnTheMarket. There has been a significant increase in the number of homes listed at OnTheMarket as a result of the recent adjustments to RightMove costs, which have caused estate agents to seek for alternatives so they don’t have to pass on exorbitant additional fees to their consumers. While the site is simple to navigate, the lack of advanced search tools prevents OnTheMarket from being as competitive as it could be. OnTheMarket, like RightMove and Zoopla, does not allow private sellers to post their properties. OnTheMarket was developed by a group of former employees of Countrywide to provide a straightforward method of looking for real estate. The site’s goal is to make the process of buying or selling a home as easy as possible. By restricting listings to either Zoopla or RightMove (in addition to OnTheMarket), it hopes to reduce the dominance of those two websites.



PrimeLocation has better tools, a more refined search functionality, and listings in more countries. Tools like “Hide Property” are helpful when narrowing down potential homes to buy.

The property pages on the site have an outdated aesthetic, which makes reading the listings more difficult, and the site as a whole is not as user-friendly. The site’s performance should be improved. Prime Location is one of the four largest real estate portals in the United Kingdom. In particular, it serves as a platform for those looking for homes and people want to sell, rent, or lease premium real estate. Properties from London to Australia are available for viewing. Prime Location is not a real estate agency, like the preceding three sites. Instead, it is merely a portal for real estate, hosting and providing details about available houses for sale or rent. PrimeLocation does not allow private sellers to post their properties, but it does help people locate real estate brokers in their neighbourhood.


The option to store, share, and set up notifications for one’s preferred houses and locations would make users feel supported on their home-hunting trip. Homeware ideas, home style movies, and personal moving experiences are just a few of the resources that readers can find in the helpful property articles featured on the Blog. Area guides are another useful component; they include user-generated evaluations and ratings of local businesses and attractions.

While specific filter options are accessible in the search box, they are not as extensive as some rival businesses offer. Placebuzz also does not allow individual landlords to post listings at this time, only real estate agents. Placebuzz is a user-friendly property search platform that provides access to thousands of rental and purchase properties in the United Kingdom. Through the platform’s efficient search engine, customers may quickly narrow down the available properties to those that meet their specific needs. Users may learn more about neighbourhoods around the country with the use of helpful tools like area guides before settling on a permanent residence.


The advantages of selling on Gumtree include the fact that the seller may save money on commissions. This also implies that buyers can locate willing sellers who are open to haggling over price in order to close purchases more quickly.

There aren’t a lot of customization options on this marketplace. Although the rental market is active, there is a shortage of available houses for sale in most places. Gumtree, which is based in the United Kingdom, claims to be the largest classifieds website in the country. Buying and selling homes on it is virtually as common as buying and selling automobiles. You may discover almost everything on Gumtree, from houses and apartments to offices and vacant land. You may narrow your results to those that are available near your current location by entering a zip code. Studio flats to multi-bedroom mansions may all be found on Gumtree.

MousePrice at

For those interested in property, Mouseprice is THE website. Its platform is full of data, charts, and analysis to show investors where they can get the best return on investment.

Since its debut in 2004, Mouseprice has gone through many ownership changes. The site’s intended role as a direct competitor to Rightmove has been thwarted by several course corrections. In 2020, PropertyHeads purchased Mouseprice. The automated valuation model is its most well-known function, since it quickly calculates values for use by lenders and surveyors. Real Estate Professionals can also benefit from Mouseprice Pro’s premium data thanks to the product’s availability.


The advantages of using PropertyHeads are numerous. It’s a comprehensive social network for finding local contractors and real estate agents who have been endorsed by your friends and family. The “Property Compare” feature of the platform lets you easily compare properties and share them with your friends, architects, and other connections. In addition, the platform’s unique “Ask the Neighbours” function is a great resource if you’re thinking about relocating to a new location.

The site is still in its infancy. Use of PropertyHeads by both consumers and real estate professionals has skyrocketed recently. The platform hasn’t quite made it in terms of website visitors yet, but it’s making progress and expanding its reach all the time. We are the Property Social Network on PropertyHeads. Started in 2018, it has seen rapid expansion. Its goal is to assist buyers and sellers in finding the perfect property and reputable real estate firms to work with.


Arkadia’s tools let you determine an approximate value for your home, and the service focuses on the affluent segment of the market.

Don’t look for anything posted for less than £500,000. Although this will become more inclusive as more real estate agents join the site, the site is currently geared towards those with a larger budget. Arkadia is a website that lists houses and flats for sale or rent all around the world. Over 20 nations are represented, each with a sizable selection.


Those in the market for an apartment block or other investment property will find what they need at Property Mutual. Mansions in London costing tens of millions of pounds may also be found here.

The platform is very young, thus, it does not offer the largest inventory of available homes in all places. PropertyMutual is a digital marketplace for buying and selling UK real estate. Users may swiftly evaluate many properties side-by-side on the website, and a bookmarking feature makes it easy to keep promising listings for further consideration.


Many other sites look like they were built in the 1990s in comparison to GNB Habitat’s sleek and modern interface. It offers a wide selection of properties in various locations and price ranges.

The site can be sluggish at times, and when it has no more localised results to show you, it will instead load the screen with results from a larger region, which some users may find irrelevant. GNB Habitat focuses on the residential sector of the market, including houses for sale, rent, and shared housing, delivering a quality service in each of these categories.


Propertypal is a Northern Ireland portal that includes a handy tool that displays all open viewings scheduled for the next day to assist buyers and investors in keeping up with the most recent investment prospects.

If you’re seeking a certain type of home, you’ll have a smaller selection in Northern Ireland than on the rest of the UK’s mainland. PropertyPal is the most popular website in the area for buying and renting real estate. More than six thousand houses and apartments are listed for sale or rent on their website.


The site’s search features are user-friendly and comprehensive; it displays archived listings and clearly indicates price drops for individual homes.

One potential turnoff for visitors is the site’s obvious age. Home was an early online real estate marketplace. The website may appear old but displays properties from all portals and offers clear reports. It’s hard to argue that there’s a better resource online for contrasting home prices.


The pluses include search function, solid data analysis, and many query parameters. Too many choices, listings from many sources. Nestoria, which conducts real estate searches, ranks as the fifth most popular UK real estate website. It’s convenient since it searches across numerous sites at once. Check by city name instead of zip code.


Foreign buildings are solid, making them ideal for villas and investments.

It’s not limited to British real estate, HomesGoFast emerged and expanded significantly a few years ago. After its humble beginnings in the UK, it quickly became the go-to source for investors and vacationers alike.


Our UK and International listings can be found through hundreds of platforms and websites in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Russia, China, and beyond. Our extensive international marketing efforts and partnerships with the industry’s leading agents and platforms have assisted thousands of clients in successfully purchasing and selling real estate in foreign countries over the Internet. For the UK market you can list your own property privately on this site and its marketed to over 70 countries worldwide which can save you thousands in commission if sold privately to an overseas investor.



Cons: Free and easy-to-use valuation tools In addition is that the mobile app has several issues and is a little spammy.

About: NetHousePrices was an early real estate website. It’s 50 years ahead of the curve and a true industry leader. NetHousePrices is a leading UK property service that attracts users from all over the world. A few dedicated programmers manage the service. However, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a professionally developed property portal. Listing your home on is a must if you’re looking to sell it quickly. To learn more about NetHousePrices, go here.



All sold and available land in the UK is catalogued in the UK Land Directory. If you want to buy some property on which to settle down or cultivate crops, this is the place to do it. After registering it with their simple system, you may also sell your land here. The site is ideal for selling land privately in the United Kingdom.


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