Marbella Spain Property Market

Owning real estate in Marbella provides you with the lucrative option of renting it out throughout the year, not just during peak tourist season. This additional income can help you offset a part of your initial investment while the property sits unused during your absence.

Strategic Location

Marbella is uniquely positioned within driving distance of spectacular cities like Malaga, Seville, Granada, and Cordoba—all home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nestled along the beautiful Costa del Sol and just a two-hour drive from Malaga, Marbella is an attractive tourist hotspot.

Competitive Price Points

The Marbella real estate landscape is designed to meet persistent market demand. Real estate prices here are quite favorable when compared to other Mediterranean locations like Palma de Mallorca, France, Italy, and Greece. Market stability has been observed since 2016, following an upward trend over the preceding five years.

A High-End Destination

Known for its luxury and comfort, Marbella attracts international tourists in droves. With top-notch restaurants, incredible beaches, world-class golf courses, and luxurious marinas, Marbella is a prime spot for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Robust Real Estate Options

The real estate market in Marbella offers a wide range of appealing choices, from resales to brand-new constructions and off-plan opportunities. Investing here is relatively risk-free, with market data suggesting a continual rise in property values.

An Ideal Investment Locale

Marbella is a unique mix of luxury, beautiful weather, and exceptional properties, making it an excellent investment. With the added advantage of potential rental income, a property investment in Marbella is generally considered low-risk.

A Top Contender on the Costa del Sol

Marbella outshines other locations along the Costa del Sol with its superb local amenities and infrastructure. With some of Europe’s leading golf courses, top-of-the-line sport marinas, and exquisite dining experiences, Marbella has been a favored spot for international buyers since as far back as the late 1950s.


Understanding the Area Before Investing

It’s important to gain an in-depth understanding of Marbella’s local economy and real estate market trends before making a significant financial commitment.

Marbella as a Residential Tourist Hub

Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) shows a steady increase in hotel stays in Marbella since 2013. Marbella has become a leading European destination for both traditional and residential tourism—the latter involving extended stays. This trend is backed by data from 2008 to 2016, showing sustained interest from countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK.

Ease of Property Management

Property management from abroad can be effortlessly handled with the assistance of professional services. Marbella in Style offers comprehensive property management solutions to ensure your investment is well-maintained.

Local Economic Upswing

The Knight Frank Wealth Report revealed that Marbella saw an annual growth of 2.8% in its real estate market in 2016, surpassing other global cities. Malaga’s high-speed train connections and the city’s airport, the fourth busiest in Spain, further add to its appeal.

Buyer Demographics

Despite the uncertainties posed by Brexit, British buyers continue to dominate the local market, with increased interest expected from Scandinavian and other European buyers in the coming years.

Year-Round Tourist Appeal

Marbella stands out for its consistent tourist demand, driven by its year-round pleasant weather—averaging 320 sunny days a year—strong infrastructure, and varied recreational activities.

Investing in Marbella real estate offers numerous benefits, making it a sought-after location for prospective property owners.


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