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If you’re looking to sell overseas property fast, then you will find the information in this article very useful. One of the most remarkable things to have happened in 2021 has been the strengthening of the US Dollar and the corresponding weakening of the Euro post pandemic. The dollar has never been stronger against the Euro – the Dollar-Euro exchange ratio is today 0.9$ for 1 Euro, which is pretty impressive. The dollar has also strengthened against most of the other currencies in the world.


Today, more and more Americans are looking to buy properties abroad encouraged by the fact that their Dollars now take them much further than ever before. Americans are buying overseas properties everywhere – in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Belgium as well as many other countries in Europe. Real estate in these countries is trading at such a discount to Americans because of the strong dollar that the opportunities are too good to ignore.


While it’s not always a great idea to use just the exchange rate as a method to choose where one lives, retires or buys property overseas, it is still a very good indicator. Ecuador and Panama are very attractive to US property buyers, not just because of the exchange rate advantage, but also because of the fact that they are close to the US, and can be reached by a short flight from Miami.


Also, it is possible to buy the most luxurious lifestyle in these countries with a fraction of the cost of the same in the US. Ecuador is attractive from the price point of view. It is possible to buy a luxury villa in Cuenca, Ecuador for just $112 per sq. foot, which is a ridiculously low price.


Similarly, Americans are looking at Brazil with renewed interest. Americans have always had a fascination for Brazilian culture. With the Brazilian economy in a slowdown, this represents a great opportunity for US nationals to buy cheap second homes in Rio de Janiero and other cities in Brazil and to get to know Brazilian culture and the wonderful people better.


Indeed, prices of Brazilian properties for sale have fallen by 50% for American buyers over the last 12 months, which is phenomenal. A luxury apartment bought in one of the posh neighborhoods in Brazil, such as Fortaleza’s upscale Aldeota area, costs just $108 per sq. foot – which is just amazing.


Another country where Americans are looking to buy overseas property is Colombia. The Colombian peso has weakened significantly against the US dollar, which presents attractive opportunities for American buyers. Buying a luxury villa in the most expensive neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia – El Poblado – costs just $93 per sq. foot, which is simply stunning.


It’s the same story in Chile – prices of luxury villas in Chile have fallen by 30% over the last few years. Considering the strength of the US dollar, Chilean properties are available to Americans for every little.


But the best opportunities are in Europe, which is where all Americans want to live. Portugal is considered to be the world’s top retirement haven. Americans can buy a seaside home in bright and sunny Portuguese region of Algarve for just $150,000.


Spain is a bit costlier than that, but all Americans dream of living in Spain at some point and luxury villas and apartments in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid can now be had for a fraction of the cost of comparable properties in the US.


Clearly, there are a plenty of opportunities for US nationals looking to buy overseas property – literally, the world is their oyster. If you’re looking to sell overseas property fast, how successful you are may depend on how well you market your real estate to potential American buyers.


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