Overseas Property Trends in Lapta Cyprus

Lapta is a small town in northern Cyprus, which is a part of Turkey. Is there any demand for properties in Lapta? Indeed, is there any demand for properties in the Turkish-half of Cyprus? Let’s find out.


Where is Lapta?

Lapta or Lapithos as it is also called is located about 10 km to the west of Kyrenia. This is a small town which was once a tiny village. It has now grown into a fairly popular tourist hub.


What’s good about it?

The best part about this small town is the perfect Mediterranean weather. You can’t possibly get weather like this anywhere else in the world – summers are never too hot and winters are never too cold. Everything is in moderation, mild temperatures, mild climate and more than 300 days of bright sunshine a year.

Apart from this, you will appreciate the relaxed and laidback lifestyle. You won’t get any of the traffic or the maddening crowds that you find in London or Berlin. This is one of the quietest places in the world. It’s almost as quiet here as in a monastery in Tibet.

Also, there are plenty of modern amenities in Lapta. You will find many decent hotels and bread and breakfasts her in Lapta. The food is great, and there are many good restaurants and bars, pubs and cafes.

There a couple of decent casinos, nightclubs and other entertainment spots. The markets here are always busy and bustling with activity. You will find foreign tourists everywhere, mingling with the locals.

The locals are a friendly lot and generally welcoming of foreign tourists. There is absolutely no crime in this small town. There really aren’t that many people here, which means everybody knows everybody. So, bad behaviour or criminal behaviour is not possible.


How is the demand for properties in Lapta?

There is actually a lot of demand for properties in Lapta. This has to do with the town’s emergence as a popular tourist destination. During the peak tourist season, the population of the town goes up by three times, most of them being foreign tourists.

So there is a lot of demand for holiday rentals or holiday villas. Anyone who owns property here can make good money by renting out their homes and villas to visiting tourists during the holiday season.


Who buys properties in Lapta?

Most buyers of properties in Lapta are upper class or middle class British and Scandinavian expats looking for a second home or holiday home. This little town works as a perfect getaway during the winter, when it is extremely cold in the UK, Norway and Sweden.


There is already a decent British, Swedish and Norwegian expat community here. It helps that English is widely spoken here and English customs are widely followed.


Lapta, like all places in Northern Cyprus, is seeing more interest from foreign buyers than before. In the past, people didn’t know much about the Turkish part of Cyprus. But that is changing, and that is good to see. r properties in Oroklini and other places in Cyprus.


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