How To Sell Your Overseas Property Online

There’s a huge demand for properties in Europe from rich, high net worth investors from countries across Europe, Scandinavia, China and the USA. If you have a house in Spain, France, Bulgaria or elsewhere in Europe that you are looking to sell, you will have noticed that there’s a lot of information online on how to buy properties abroad, but not much on how to sell overseas property online. So, read the tips given here on selling overseas property very carefully, as they will certainly be of great use to you.


#1: Sell the lifestyle

The key to selling overseas property is to sell the lifestyle. The house by itself is nothing more than a commodity. What makes it attractive is the lifestyle of the country or area where it is located. That’s why wealthy investors from China, Middle East, Scandinavia or other parts of Europe dream of buying a villa in the South of France, the Algarve in Portugal or in Costa del Sol in Spain – because of the lifestyle.

Sell the lifestyle first, to sell your overseas property online. For example, if you have a beachfront villa in Barbados, talk about the sandy beaches, the friendly people, the relaxed, laid back lifestyle in Barbados, and the fact that the island has access to all modern amenities, including a first-rate infrastructure.


#2: Hire estate agents, and benefit from their agent network

When you hire UK estate agents to sell your overseas property, you get to benefit from their extensive agent network that spans across several countries around the world. Their agent network will help you sell your property faster and get a great price for it.


#3: Communication with your estate agents

When you hire UK or Irish estate agents to promote your property for you, you should ask about their communication policy. Are they easy to get in touch with? Can you reach out to them any time of the day by email, phone or live chat? What’s their response time? For example, if you need changes to be made to your property listings, will they be done on time? These are some of the things to ask your estate agents.


#4: Market the property online ( The more exposure you have the more chance of a sale )

Your chances of selling your property at the earliest depend on how well you are able to market it online to potential buyers from Europe, Scanadinavia, China, Brazil, and the Middle East. Promote your overseas property on online forums frequented by property seekers, the social media, blogs and websites and list it on various property portals. You can rely on your UK estate agents to do this for you.


#5: Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the property

Pictures make a huge difference. Have professional quality pictures of your property taken, as that’s the image overseas investors across first. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, hire a professional photographer to do this for you. Before that, make sure that the house looks great. Have gardening, painting and renovations done – as much as your budget would allow you.


#6: Set the right price

It’s very important that you should set a price that’s not more than 5% of what comparable properties in the area are selling for. Just remember that your buyers will have done their homework and will know about the right price for a property in that area. If you price your property too high, you will be basically pricing yourself out of the market.


#7: Presentation is the key

How you present the property makes all the difference to your chances of selling is quickly. You should describe the property accurately, but present it in a way that accentuates its best features. Hire a professional copywriter to write a great description of the property, one that is likely to grab eyeballs.


Hope you find the tips given here useful. Do get in touch with us if you have any doubts or queries. Sell Your Overseas Property For Cash

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