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Do you have Bansko, Bulgaria apartments to sell? Okay, so if you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on what’s really happening with Bansko property prices, you’ve come to the right place. Property prices in Bansko are recovering very fast from their lowest point, which was reached only a few years ago. Today, you can’t blame an apartment owner in Bansko for feeling a bit smug, because property prices in Bansko are rising like never before.


And why not? Bansko is today an international ski resort, which has hosted the Skiing World Cup. It has 18-hole golf courses, 5 star hotels, large shopping complexes and Spas. And it is one of the greatest tourist hotspots in Europe, attracting and incredible 2.2 million tourists each year.


The relatively low price of Bansko real estate – which is half of the average of what properties in ski resorts across Europe sell for – ensures that there will always be a plenty of interest in Bansko from prospective property buyers. Selling prices in Bansko are already 5 percent higher than they were a year ago. Most properties sell for around 500 EUR per sq. metre.


So here’s why we believe property prices in Bansko are rising and will rise further over the next few years:

#1: The lower priced property stock in Bansko is no longer in supply – most of the lower priced properties have already been sold. Now, what this does is to push the average price of the properties that are put for sale right now much higher and resulted in a stabilization of the property market to an appreciable extent.


#2: The volume of sales has increased quite substantially, and the demand is greater than the supply. The reason for this is that there is a ban in new building permits in resort, except for chalets. So more of a limited supply are being sold, which has consequently pushed up the property prices.


#3: There is a strong interest from foreign investors in Bansko from across Europe and Scndinavia, but what has changed is that the number of Russian buyers has gone down considerably. Instead, because of the strong British pound, we are seeing a lot of UK buyers returning to Bansko. UK buyers expect luxury properties of the highest standards and are not all that price conscious – this means they are willing to shell out more, if needed. So this has definitely pushed up the property prices in Bansko quite considerably.


#4: The local Bulgarian rich and the upper middle class are buying as well. Many have found a new interest in Bansko ski property and are buying like there’s no tomorrow.


#5: Bansko apartments are very affordable. Now, ski, golf or spa properties in Bansko may be expensive – but they are nowhere in the same league as a comparable property in France or Italy, which cost 5 times as much as what you get here. Indeed, you can buy a luxury 3-bedroom apartment in a spa resort in Bansko for the price of a studio apartment in a ski resort in France. For this reason, the sophisticated property investor sees great value in buying real estate in Bansko.


So, what are the areas in Bansko where you’re guaranteed to get a great price for your Bansko apartment for sale? Well, if your apartment is located in any residential building or complex in the city that is close to the part, city centre or to the shops, you will certainly get a great price for it. There are many foreign investors who are looking for an apartment close to the golf course or spa in Bansko, or near the Ski Lift. They are all great locations to have an apartment which you’re looking to sell. UK & Irish Estate Agents Selling Property in Bansko.


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