f you’re looking to sell a French property, we at esalesinternational have been doing so for over two decades and would be delighted to assist you in the process.


Your local esalesinternational agent will contact you as soon as possible if you call or email us at the following numbers with your request to list your French property with esalesinternational: +44(0)208 050 5409.


Esalesinternational representatives all live in the region they serve; therefore, your local representative will likely reside in the same neighbourhood as you. esalesInternational’s structure is unusual in this regard.


Because of its French offices, an extensive network of local agents throughout France, and a wide range of trusted international marketing techniques, esalesinternational can reach a wide range of potential buyers while also providing you with a reliable local agent to work with alongside you during the sale of your french property.


If you decide to list your property with us, the procedure is pretty straightforward.  Your esalesinternational agent will:


  • Provide you with an accurate appraisal based on local property expertise and discuss the price and pricing strategy for your property sale.
  • A full and extensive description is needed to advertise your home, so we’ll need some information on your property.
  • Assist you with a professional description of your French property.
  • Please take photos of your property and make notes to help them draught your property listing.
  • Please inquire about a full DPE (diagnostic de performance énergétique) and discuss the diagnostic tests you must carry out before selling your home.


Ask you some general questions about your property, such as whether or whether there are any droit de passages (rights of way) across your land. What’s up with your septique fosse?


The roof’s condition is being assessed. – Is the septic tank up to date — these are the kinds of inquiries that potential clients could ask.

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