How to market and sell your French property online.

Over the last two decades thousands of clients have used online platforms sell property in France privately. This guide is intended to give you an overview of the selling process, which is fairly simple. Please refer to our step-by-step instructions for a more in-depth walkthrough, which is available in written and video form below.



Local agents live and work in the area, so they have a deep understanding of the local property market. They will come to your home to accept the mandate. This knowledge is vital to provide you with the best advice on the current property market, but it also allows for a more accurate appraisal and a more realistic timeframe for selling.


It’s a straightforward procedure. Our esalesinternational representative will:


  • Evaluate the property’s size and number of rooms
  • Discuss the pricing strategy and discuss prices
  • Discuss the DPE and diagnostic tests that are mandated by the law.



Document the property by taking pictures and writing down specifics.

Using our photographers, we will showcase your property to its fullest extent. If the weather is unfavourable, it may be necessary to revisit your property to take outside shots. Among other things, we’ll employ interior lighting and other ways to create that all-important first impression. Your real estate agent will address any legal problems that must be included in the mandate, such as rights of passage (rights of way) across your land, and assist you in arranging the necessary tests required before a transaction can be finalised. Following an agreed-upon appraisal, we’ll give you a “Mandat de Vente” (sales paperwork) (link to legal documents page). As a result of our location in France, this document is written in French; however, an English translation is available upon request. Sign and deliver the paper to our internal mandate team.



In France, houses cannot be put on the market without a series of mandatory property inspections by recognised professionals. Performing these tests is the seller’s duty.


Diagnosis of Energy Performance (DPE)

The Diagnostique de Performance Energétique (DPE) must be carried out by an accredited professional before you can advertise a home in France.

Even if you are selling through an estate agency or on your own, you must include the test results in the ad for the property.

Heating expenses may be affected by various factors, including the amount of energy used and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released.


Dossier Method of Diagnosis

There is no need to mention the findings of the Dossier Diagnostic Technique (DDT) tests in your ad. The surveys may reveal any faults that can be addressed or explained to potential purchasers.

The majority of these tests are just for the benefit of the purchaser. However, some concerns may necessitate quick attention, such as the security of the swimming pool, which must be met before the property can be put on the market. It is up to the vendor or buyer to address parasite concerns, as agreed upon. After purchasing a home, the buyer is obligated to fix any septic tank issues within a year. This may need the purchase of a new system, which would be pricey and might lead to issues during the sale if not disclosed in advance.

If a structural survey is necessary, the buyer must arrange and pay for it in France because sellers are not legally compelled to include it.



Esalesinternational is the finest location to put your property on the market since they have access to a wide range of potential purchasers and market to hundreds of other global platforms. More than 20 years of marketing properties online and in print have helped us build an extensive network of assets and partners to guarantee that the widest possible audience sees your property online.


More than 2.8 million people from all around the world visit our esalesinternational websites each year. In addition, we offer specialised locations for high-end houses and resorts in the mountains.


Our social media accounts, email campaigns, and several national and international portal listings allow you to maximise the reach of your property listing to boost the visibility of your home in the market.


We’re not just online; we’re also in the real world. Property shows, newspaper coverage and other marketing opportunities are just some of how we participate in the real estate industry.



Visitors from potential customers are welcomed by some sellers, while others are apprehensive. Remember that esalesinternational agents are well-versed in showcasing real estate, so they’re a good resource. It’s better just to let them get on with it as they are the most qualified for the position. You can do things to get your property ready to look like someone’s fantasy home. We’ve put up a list of ‘best tips’ based on our years of expertise.


The Process of Negotiation and the Agreement to Sell (Compromise of Sale)

Esalesinternational ‘s agents will manage all talks on your behalf, including negotiating any pre-sale restrictions the buyer may demand, such as obtaining planning permission or a mortgage application. These are frequent demands that may be incorporated into the sales papers. ‘

You and your agent can agree to work on the relevant paperwork and write out a Compromis de Vente. If agreed upon we will work with the notary and you to guarantee a smooth closing process.



After the Compromis de Vente has been signed and the Notaire has completed all of the necessary work, you and the Notaire can set a date for signing the Acte de Vente. At a notary’s office, this is most common in France. Your property will be transferred to the new owner as soon as this final agreement is signed.


There will be a pre-meeting check to see if there are enough money to complete the transaction, including any monies paid by a mortgage company. To allow the Notaire to transfer monies to your account (fewer taxes and any mortgage repayments or Capital Gains Tax you may have to pay), you will be needed to submit an IBAN.


Congratulations on selling your French house!

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