Barcelona Property Market In Spain

There are many who consider Barcelona to be the most liveable city in the world. Barcelona offers a very high quality of living, and receives millions of tourists every year. It is a popular overseas property destination and there are many cash rich investors from China, Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East, who look to buy the best apartments in Barcelona fast.


Barcelona is also home to the Barcelona FC, perhaps the most popular football club in the world.


Let’s begin with the culture and politics of Barcelona. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and lies at the heart of the Catalan culture. The people here consider themselves to be a part of the “Catalan nation” rather than citizens of Spain and recently voted for Catalan separatists, who favour independence from Spain.


There’s a lot of heated debate in Spain over the future of Catalonia, but unlike other separatist movements around the world, the fight for Catalonia’s independence is completely peaceful. It hasn’t affected life in the city in any manner whatsoever, and Barcelona is very much a delightful place to visit for foreign tourists.


Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is a large city with a massive population and deals with many of the issues that major global cities have to reckon with, such as noise and pollution. But the crime rate in Barcelona is very low.


It is a very safe city, and a very inclusive one. Racism or discrimination of any sort is unheard of in Barcelona. The people are very friendly, warm-hearted and liberal. They are also very artistically minded. Barcelona was after all the home of the famous artist Salvador Dalí and the legendary architect Antoni Gaudí. It has a rich and diverse culture, and is famous for its world class architecture.


The cost of living in Barcelona is less expensive than in London, but it’s certainly not cheap. A one bedroom apart in a trendy location, costs about 1,000 Euros a month, which is reasonable for such a major international city. The average price of properties for sale in Barcelona is 3,041 Euros per square metre – which is not cheap, but more affordable than London or New York for sure.


The Barcelona El-Prat is the biggest airport here, which is not far from the city centre. There are many public and private hospitals in Barcelona that offer quality health care. The city is home to many quality international schools such as the British School of Barcelona, the American School of Barcelona, and the Benjamin Franklin International School. Private schools in Barcelona are expensive and cost an average of 20,000 Euros per year.


The temperatures in Barcelona are generally mild. Summers are comfortable and winters never get too cold. The Catalan cuisine is healthy, sumptuous and delicious. Barcelona is certainly a lovely city to visit, all through the year. Great place to buy or sell property in Spain as prices hold.

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