A Guide to the Overseas Property Market in Oroklini Cyprus

Do you want to buy or sell property in Oroklini Cyprus?


There is a lot of demand for properties in Cyprus these days. So, even small villages such as Oroklini are getting a great deal of attention. Let’s find out more about this village and analyse your prospects of selling your property there as soon as possible.


Where is Oroklini?


Oroklini is a beautiful village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus. It is about 8 km from Larnaca. The village is situated at the bottom of a horse shoe shaped hill. It is at an altitude of 50 m above sea levels and gets a decent amount of rainfall every year.


Oroklini may be a village, but you will always find foreign tourists here. Oroklini is not far from the village of Pyla, another popular tourist destination in this region.


You can get to Oroklini by the Larnaca-Ammochosos highway.  The famous monastery of Agios Georgios Mavrovouniou is about 3 km from here. The village Livadia is to the west of Oroklini.


How big is Oroklini? What’s its population?


Oroklini can be described as a large village or a small town. There are around 3,400 people who live here. But during the peak tourist season, the population of this village goes up to 10,000 or more – mainly because of the foreign tourists from Britain, Sweden, Norway, Greece and Germany who make their way here.


In the past, the main business in this little village was mining. There are still many copper and gold mines here, as well as stone, asbestos, gypsum quarries. They have been around this area for hundreds of years.


Many locals work as farmers. There is a roaring food processing business here. But the main generator of employment these days is the tourism and hospitality industry and the real estate business.


You will find many locals working in hotels, pubs, restaurants and coffee houses. There are quite a few decent hotels and bread and breakfasts here. The real estate market is booming thanks to all the foreign tourists who come here and go on to buy a second home or holiday home here.


Is there any demand for properties in Oroklini?


Yes, there is a huge demand for properties in Oroklini, just as there is in the rest of Cyprus.  Cyprus has emerged as a top retirement destination. You have many older people from Britain and elsewhere coming here to buy retirement homes. The cost of living in Cyprus is very low and the taxes are next to nothing.


The lifestyle is very relaxed and laidback and there is no dearth of modern amenities. It also helps that English is widely spoken around here. The locals are a friendly lot and crime is rare.


This makes small towns or villages like Oroklini just perfect for retirees. So there will always be a lot of demand for properties in Oroklini and other places in Cyprus.

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