Overseas Property Market in Esentepe North Cyprus

Thinking of buying or selling property in Esentepe, Cyprus?


There is a lot of demand for properties in Cyprus, even in small towns such as Esentepe. Not many people knew about this town until a few years ago, but now it has got a lot of attention, especially from British and Scandinavian expats.


Where is Esentepe?


Esentepe is a small town in Northern Cyprus, also called as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). This town lies to the North East of Cyprus.


The Turkish half of Cyprus is not as well developed as the rest of the island, and has so far been ignored by foreign tourists. That is changing fast. There is a far greater awareness of this part of Cyprus these days and this is good to see.


What’s good about Esentepe?


The best part of Esentepe is the weather – the perfect Mediterranean climate. The temperatures never fall below 16°C during the winter and very rarely cross 28°C later in the summer.


Indeed, Esentepe is one of the best kept secrets of Cyprus. It has beautiful beaches, very good restaurants and bars and a good number of shops. There is a stunning mountain in the backdrop and this is one of the most beautiful places on the island.


The people of Esentepe are a very friendly lot. They are polite and helpful, and always eager to have a conversation with foreign tourists. They appreciate all the attention their town is getting from foreigners lately, and welcome anyone who wants to buy properties there with open arms.


What’s worth watching in Esentepe?


There is much to do and see in Esentepe.


It has one of the most picturesque harbours in Europe. The natural beauty of this place is quite something to behold. There is the Besparmak mountain range in the backdrop, which is a stunning sight always.


You will find many excellent restaurants here. The food is as good as it gets in Cyprus, or for that matter anywhere in the world.


There are many shops and boutiques. The markets are packed with tourists and locals going about their business. There is in particular a huge demand for the local jewellery and leather goods.


Is there any demand for properties in Esentepe?


Yes, the demand for homes and villas in Esentepe is picking up. Most of the demand comes from British and Scandinavian expats. They are the ones who look to buy properties in small towns in Cyprus.


They love the fact that Cyprus gets 320 days of sunshine each year and has generally mild winters and summers. Britons in particular have been buying second homes or holiday homes on the island for many, many years now.


In Esentepe, there is a strong British culture. While Turkish is the first language, almost everyone speaks English very well. They have an English legal system. The cars drive on the left of the road, same as in the UK, and everything is the same as in the UK, even the electrical system.

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