How to Sell Your Bulgarian Property in 2022

A year-by-year guide to selling a house apartment or villa in Bulgaria has been provided in this article. Bulgaria is often regarded as Europe’s most affordable country, with the lowest cost of living in the continent. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a good place to buy a quality flat for around €40,000.


Foreign investors that know how to spot a deal are drawn to Bulgaria. Many Chinese, Russian, Irish, German, and Scandinavian investors are seriously considering investing in Bulgarian real estate.


For sellers in 2022, it’s critical to understand the attitude of the customer and what it is that draws them to Bulgaria.


People in Ireland and Germany who want to buy flats abroad may do it for far less money than they would pay in Berlin or Dublin for a comparable apartment. As a result, Bulgaria is receiving a lot of interest from Irish and German retirees.


As a result, Bulgarian homes, particularly along the Black Sea Coast, are in high demand from Scandinavians. Beach reports like Sunny Beach, which draw a significant throng throughout the summer months, are included he


Bulgaria’s property market is dominated by Russian investors, who are both buyers and sellers. Russia and Bulgaria have had a strong relationship since the 18th century. Bulgaria was the Soviet Union’s most steadfast ally during the Cold War, thanks in large part to Russia’s liberation of the country from Ottoman rule.


Today, Russians are the most common buyers of Bulgarian real estate. Promoting your Bulgarian home to Russian buyers via social media, Russian-oriented online forums, or property websites in Russia is critical if you want to move quickly. You should advertise your home in international property shows held in Russia, where you are most likely to find your ideal customers.


Hire UK estate agents who specialise in global property markets and have significant contacts and a large agent network across Russia, as well as Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia and China. They can help you find a home in any of these countries. Pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and so on are just some of the ways your UK estate agency might use to reach the appropriate individuals online.


Just a quick note about the Bulgarian capital gains tax. If you only own one piece of real estate in Bulgaria, you won’t have to pay any taxes on your capital gains. All profits from the sale of real estate in Bulgaria will be subject to a 20% VAT, or value added tax. We can’t help but be caught up in this. If you sell at a loss, you don’t have to pay any taxes.

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