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Famagusta is a historic city that lies on the east coast of the island nation of Cyprus. It is home to the deepest harbour in Cyprus as well as a number of historic monuments that date back to the Roman Empire such as amphitheatres, baths, royal tombs and beautiful mosaics.


Famagusta is one of the most run cities in Cyprus. Care has been taken to preserve the city’s historical heritage and magnificent architecture such as the Monastery of St. Barnabas, which is dedicated to Cyprus’ patron saint; Othello’s Tower, a majestic structure that overlooks the sea and noted for its imposing Gothic wall, and the Venetian Palace, which was destroyed in 1571, converted into a prison, and remained so until the 20th century.


Famagusta is the site of the Eastern Mediterranean University, which is the primary institute of learning and education in Cyprus. Famagusta is essentially a university town and is home to thousands of young people, who can be found at busy, bustling market, at the shops and eateries that line up the Salamis Road.


So where should I buy property in Famagusta?


There are three great neighbourhoods in Famagusta where you can consider buying a villa or an apartment. Let’s quickly review these popular destinations.


Paralimni – Paralimni means “by the lake”. It is called so because of a beautiful lake that lies nearby. Paralimni was once a site of great agricultural activity. It was a very traditional district, but has since been transformed into a modern part of the city.


Most of the homes here are modern, with lovely gardens and exquisite architecture. It is a peaceful and tranquil area and has everything you would want such as shops, coffee houses, bars and supermarkets. It has a couple of great schools as well and is considered safe for families with small children.


Protaras – Protaras is another beautiful part of Famagusta where you will find many lovely beaches. It is a naturally beautiful area with historic churches, windmills and other lovely structures. You will find many intriguing sea caves along the beach. Protaras stands on the ruins of a city called Leukolla, where there was once a great and bloody battle. Protaras however, is a very peaceful place and the violence of the past is completely forgotten. Protaras is very popular with British and Scandinavian home seekers in Cyprus. You will find a large expat community here.


Ayia Napa – Ayia Napa has some of the finest beaches you will find in Cyprus. Tourists flock to Ayia Napa all through the year as the climate is generally perfect and there are a plenty of opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, kayaking and water-skiing. There are a number of popular bars, nightclubs and restaurants here that stay packed from dusk to dawn. The nightlife here is lively and exciting and a lot of fun for everyone.


So these are the best places to buy property in Famagusta. Just remember to hire the best UK estate agents when looking to buy a holiday home in Cyprus, as they can help you get what you want much faster.


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