Larnaca Cyprus Overseas Property Market

If you’re looking to buy property in Larnaca fast, you will find the information given here very useful. Larnaca is Cyprus’s third biggest city. It is also the location of the biggest international airport in Cyprus. Larnaca is on the southeast coast of Cyprus.


Larnaca is a beautiful town with a lovely view of the ocean.  It has a laid back and relaxed lifestyle, and the life here moves at a much slower pace than Limassol, which is the biggest city in Cyprus. Larnaca receives a steady and consistent flow of tourists all through the year, and not just a seasonal flow like Paphos.


Larnaca is home to a large British expat community. There are a number of Scandinavians who have made it their home as well. It is the first point of entry into Cyprus for most European tourists.


It also has some of the very best beaches in Cyprus. Most of the people who have second homes in Larnaca are local Cypriots. Local Cypriots have invested heavily into properties in Larnaca to take advantage of the high rental yields in this area. Many of the homes here are rented out to European tourists during the peak tourist season for good money.


There’s a lot of new real estate development in Larnaca, but prices here are generally lower than what you would get in other regions of the island such as the capital Nicosia and Limassol.



How to buy property in Larnaca, Cyprus?


If you are looking to buy property in Larnaca online, the first thing to do is to hire UK agents who specialise in buying and selling properties in Cyprus. They are likely to have extensive ties in Cyprus and you can benefit from their vast agent network.


The best UK estate agents will get you the most beautiful homes in the best neighbourhoods of Larnaca and elsewhere in Cyprus at affordable prices. You may be assured that the property prices in Cyprus are a fraction of that in the UK. You can buy the most lavish and luxurious apartments, villas and mansions here for ridiculously low prices.


The process of buying a home in Cyprus is not different from that in the UK. Cyprus has historical ties with the UK, being a British colony for many years. The culture and the laws here are similar to that of Britain. However, it is best to hire a reputable real estate lawyer before buying a property here in Cyprus.


It is very easy to get permission to buy a property in Cyprus if you are an EU citizen. This permission is granted by the Council of Ministers following a simple written application. You can depend on your lawyer to apply for this permission on your behalf.


Once you decide to buy a property, you will need to pay a small deposit to reserve it in your name and pay the rest over a pre-determined schedule.


Taxes in Cyprus are very low. The property transfer tax is between 3% and 8%. Cyprus has abolished the Immovable Property Tax from 2017. The stamp duty is negligible.


Non-Cypriots have the same property rights in Cyprus as the local Cypriots, as long as they are EU citizens. This is not expected to change any time soon for UK nationals.


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