Selling Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria to Foreign Buyers

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is located on the Black Sea Coast, and it is a popular tourist destination in the summer. Recently it has seen huge investment from buyers from across Europe, Scandinavia and other countries so In this article, we will discuss some of the best places to buy a property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria.


Where is Sunny Beach Bulgaria Located?

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea. The resort is about 80 kilometers from the city of Burgas and 25 kilometers from the town of Varna. Sunny Beach is easily accessible by car or bus.


The Cost of Living in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is a great place to buy a property. The cost of living is low, and the quality of life is very good. There are many nice places to live in Sunny Beach, and the infrastructure is good. The weather is great, and the beaches are beautiful.


Which Areas of Sunny Beach Bulgaria are best to buy a property?

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is a great place to buy a property, as there are many areas of the resort that are perfect for buying. One of the best areas to purchase a home is in Sunny Beach’s downtown area, as this is a vibrant and bustling area with plenty of amenities and businesses close by. Additionally, buyers can also find good deals on homes in the suburbs of Sunny Beach such as Saint Vlas and Nessebar, as these areas are still within close proximity to all of the resort’s attractions.


Blue Flag beach
The wave of the Blue Flag here means it’s a clean, well-kept stretch – all 8 kilometers of it. The sand is clay colored, and very fine. Shrub-topped dunes separate the beach from the promenade, with a line of sunloungers on the other side. But ramble along the coast for a few minutes, and you’ll soon find places to lay down your towel for free. As for watersports, you won’t go wanting here as the beach comes with the full range.


Daytrips to Nessebar
Just a 15-minute drive away is Nessebar. This UNESCO-listed town was founded by the Thracians before the Greeks and Romans put up temples for Apollo and chunky fortress walls. There’s also an Ottoman-style Medieval Basilica to see. It’s all jockeying for position on a tiny, near-circular peninsula.



In this article, I have outlined some of the good reasons why Sunny Beach Bulgaria might be a good place to buy a property. Firstly, it is a relatively safe and peaceful location that is not overly crowded. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities for people to find work here, both in the tourism industry and in other businesses. Finally, prices for properties in Sunny Beach Bulgaria are reasonable when compared to other locations around Europe. If you’re thinking of buying an estate in Sunny Beach Bulgaria, I would recommend reading further into the matter before making a decision. Contact us today to buy or sell property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria.


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