How to Sell Property in Bulgaria Fast Online

Are you looking for information on how to sell real estate in Bulgaria online? Bulgaria is called in many circles as Europe’s biggest open secret. Bulgaria is a naturally beautiful country with a number of admirers, famous for its diverse landscapes and low cost of living.


The property market in Bulgaria is more stable than other countries in Europe. Since things in Bulgaria happen very slowly, the housing market here does not see the sort of fluctuation in prices as seen in many other countries in Europe.


If you are keen to sell property in Bulgaria fast, you should understand that patience is the most important thing in that country. You shouldn’t rush into the sale without having first done your research on the realities of the residential property market there.


2021 has been a good year for the Bulgarian housing market, which has experienced a significant uptick since 2020, which has continued so far. Bulgaria has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the overseas property market.


Sofia, Sunny Beach and Burgas are some of the popular areas in Bulgaria, where there is a lot of demand for villas and apartments. Villas in St Vlas and Varna are in high demand as well.


Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has a reputation of being one of the most affordable cities in Europe. Apartments in Sofia cost a fraction of comparable apartments in London and Dublin. Indeed, it is possible to buy a very decent two-bedroom apartment in Sofia for as little as £25,000.  Such prices are not available anywhere else in the world.


So who buys in Bulgaria? There’s a lot of demand for Bulgarian properties from Russian buyers. Russians enjoy a very close familiarity with Bulgarians and Bulgarian culture as the two countries have always been close historically. They were a part of the same Communist bloc from the end of the World War 2 till 1991. The ties still remain, even after so many years.


So we see a number of middle class and upper class Russian buyers investing in apartments and villas in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia and Sunny Beach. Estimates are that Russian buyers have bought over 40,000 apartments in Sunny Beach. The Russian community in Bulgaria is strong and growing.


The Irish and British contingent is pretty strong as well. There is a lot of interest in Bulgaria and it is being recognized today as one of the best destinations in Europe. So, given the sort if interest in Bulgaria, you would want to know how to sell apartment in Bulgaria quickly?


The main thing about selling an apartment in Bulgaria is to promote the lifestyle aggressively. The property, whether it is an apartment or a villa, is nothing more than a commodity. It is the lifestyle that dictates the price that you will fetch for it.


So you should hire estate agents specializing in the sale of overseas properties to market your Bulgarian apartment on Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, or Middle Eastern property portals, online forums, international property shows and so on.


Hiring UK or Irish estate agents would allow you to take advantage of their extensive agent network, which is active in a number of countries, including in Bulgaria.


Next, you should be careful enough to set the right price for the property. You shouldn’t go overboard and set something that’s much higher than what comparable properties are selling for.


Make sure that the property looks presentable. It should look good when the buyers arrive for an inspection. In particular, focus on the kitchen and bathroom renovations, as that’s the first thing that buyers notice.


Get the property professionally photographed and use the tasty pictures in your ads. Finally, make sure that you’ve got the paperwork in order. Contact us today to buy or sell property in Bulgaria fast online.

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